MON: Ocean Beach “First 50” Initiative – Enrollment Now Open

We are incredibly excited to announce that new member enrollment for our First 50 Initiative at our new OB gym is now open. The First 50 Initiative is an exclusive allotment of pre-opening memberships reserved for those who are willing and eager to be first to plant their flag with us.

$139/mo. Unlimited Membership Rate for Life

(After Opening: $159)

Your Picture on Our “First 50” Founders Wall 

(Click here for official enrollment information and link.)

By enrolling as part of the First 50, you will be joining the gym prior to its opening and pre-paying your first month in order to reserve a spot in the First 50. There is no contractual obligation. Your discounted rate is guaranteed for life.

Plant your flag and help us build a community that is bigger than self.


Monday, 3.5.18

First, for Strength.
5 Front Squats @60-80%
8/s DB Kneeling Bench Rows
Perform a set every 4’ for 20’

Then, For Conditioning
8 Goblet Rev. Lunges
8 Rotational MB Slams
8 Hollow Rocks
8 RKB Speed Swings
(x12 Min)