MON: November Programming Prep

We’re back! Another new month in the works. Here’s all that we have going on from a movement, PPB, and technique awareness perspective.

November Cycle:

Monday: Varied
Tuesday: Front Squat Progressions
Wednesday: Pull-Ups
Thursday: Varied
Friday: Jerk Progressions

Primary Lifts

Strength Speed: Jerks

As with any barbell lift, ensure that your level of progression suits your experience level. The weightlifting movements require a high degree of cognitive skill, and take years to master. Don’t set too high of expectations for yourself.

  • “Train the Shelf”: Enforces bar secured to the shoulders through the dip. If we focus on the shoulders, chest, and the overall shelf that the bar sits on, we don’t let the our elbows drop as a natural byproduct of that focus.
  • Glutes/Legs Propel the BarThink about your legs and lower half creating all of the drive and power. Your arms simply finish it off and guide the bar.
  • “Squeeze”: To create tension in lockout. When you notice re-bending joints, there’s a lack of aggression. Create a stable lockout by squeezing the bar as hard as you can at lockout.
  • “Down.” The body must move down under the bar at lockout. The feet need to shift and the head punches through, as the body moves down to receive the bar. This will alleviate pressing out, and also make the catch faster.

Absolute Strength: Front Squats

  • Hands outside shoulders/elbows: Elevates the chest and sets scaps in the proper spot. Better bottom position, bigger chest.
  • “Forward” Not “UP”: Keeps the bar path vertical/balance over the midfoot/focus on quads. Do not let the hips shoot up out of the hole first. Push knees forward- hips stay down, tension is maintained.
  • “Chest UP”: Rather than elbows. For thoracic and shoulder focus in positioning.
  • No Bounce: The bounce is more detrimental to a high percentage of you than is beneficial. Be in control of your lift. 


We will have the following Personal Progress Benchmarks in November.

  • Aerobic Capacity 2:
    50 Push-Ups
    50 BW Squats
    50/30 Pull-Ups
    50 BW Squats
    50 V-Ups
    50 BW Squats
    50 OH KB Swings (53#/35#)
    50 BW Squats
    50 Sit-Ups
    50 Burpees
    800m Run

  • Strength Endurance 2: 5′ Max KB Swings

As always, we’re here to help at every step of the way. Use us.


Monday, 11.5.18

Aerobic Capacity 2 (Complete in order)

50 Push Ups
50 BW Squats
50 /30 Pull-Ups
50 BW Squats
50 V-Ups
50 BW Squats
50 OHKBS (53#/35#)
50 BW Squats
50 Sit-Ups
50 Burpees
800m Run
*Track Time*
(40’ Cap)

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