MON: Memorial Day Workout + One More Wave

Thank you to all of those current and past members for your service. We will run classes at 9, 10, and 11 am today and we also encourage you to join us in making a donation to our local friends at One More Wave foundation in support of their efforts for veteran rehabilitation.

Today’s workout is team oriented by design.

Push each other, pull for one another, and put forth your best effort.

-The Team

Monday, 5.28.18

Teams of 5 (x30’)

A: 300m Row/300m Run/ 15 Cal AB
B: 10 BW Squats + 10 Push-ups
C: 8 Pull-ups + 8 DB Step Ups
D: 6 MB Slams + 6 MB Sit-ups
E: 4 RKBS + 4 Gob Lunges + 4 Around the world