MON: June Programming Prep

Programming prep time! Today represents the start of a brand new cycle and here’s what we have going on in June.

  • MONDAY: Deadlifts 
  • TUESDAY: Varied
  • WEDNESDAY: Structure
  • THURSDAY: Cleans
  • FRIDAY: Varied

Primary Movements

Absolute Strength: The Deadlift

Get in the habit of performing Double Overhand for sub max lifting.

  • Why? Removes rotation from the lift, more structurally sound.

Think about “leading with your chest” off the floor. 

  • Why? Helps keep your hips back and down.

Speed Strength: The Clean

Let’s get comfy in hook grip to achieve a tighter bar path.

  • Why? It’s as simple as it keeps the bar from rolling in the hands.

Focus on an “Active Catch.” Bring the bar to the shoulders by punching the elbows through with active hands, and elevating the shoulders.

  • Why? Think about meeting it with equal force rather than letting it crash, the looser your grip becomes, the less active tension you’re able to apply.

Move your feet. As per usual, we want to get everyone’s feet pushing outward to catch.

  • Why? Pushing the feet out allows for space for the torso to push under and catch as quickly as possible after extension is met.


In June, we’ll be working on the following Personal Progress Benchmarks.

  • 800m Sprint – The ability to sustain a max pace for longer.
  • Strength Endurance 2: 5′ RKB Swings – Grip endurance, and the ability for hamstrings to maintain a hinge pattern under fatigue.
  • Aerobic Capacity 1 – Maintain a high level of aerobic output over a longer work set.

As always, it’s recommended that you pick one or two and focus up on them rather than a shotgun blast approach trying to get everything.

Muscle Group Theme: Rear Delts

All month long we’ll have the opportunity to target and strengthen our rear delts. When our rear delts are actively engaged in our movement, our shoulders are healthier. Strong rear delts mean that our upper traps don’t take over as much and they allow other parts of the shoulder musculature to develop. The shoulder is a complex animal, but balance in the muscles around them is the most important aspect of keeping them healthy.

Structure Theme: Anterior Core

There will be a lot of lifting-based structure building this month that targets our front side midsection. We often use strongman implements as a main method to build structure. Those will still be present, but in June we’ll utilize a lot of lifts to build resiliency and brace capability.


Monday, 6.4.18

First, for Strength.
5 Deadlifts @ 60-80%
10 Rear Delt Raises
Complete 1 set every 4 min. For 20 min.

Then, For Conditioning.
UH Grip BB Row

Squat Jumps
DB Curl and Press
MB Snatch

Then, for PPB
800m Sprint