MON: July Programming Prep

It’s Monday. It’s a new month. It’s programming prep day, baby!

Here’s everything that we have in store for you over the coming month.


  • MONDAY: Varied
  • TUESDAY: Pull-Ups
  • WEDNESDAY: Front Squat
  • THURSDAY: Varied
  • FRIDAY: Jerks

Primary Lifts

Absolute Strength: Front Squat

Place the hands outside shoulders and elbows.

  • Why? Elevates the chest and sets scaps in the proper spot resulting in a better bottom position.

“Elevator” knees move forward, hips stay more under the bar.

  • Why? Keeps the bar path vertical and balanced over the midfoot, and the training stress on the quads.
    • Watch for loss of tension in bottom position (lats and hips).
  • Leading with the hips on concentric (standing up), bar shoots forward, elbows drop, back rounds = yucky.

Strength-Speed: Jerks

“Aim with the shoulders.”

  • Why? Enforces bar secured to the shoulders through the dip. If we focus on the shoulders, we don’t let them drop (translates to elbows)

Use the glutes to propel the bar.

  • Why? All upper body power is derived first from the lower body.

“Punch and squeeze” when locking out overhead. 

  • Why? To create tension in lockout and a safer overhead position on the lumbar. 


In July, we’ll be working on the following Personal Progress Benchmarks in the first and final week.

  • Biathlon: 800m Row + 800m Run
  • Strength Endurance 4: Max Push-Ups in 5 Minutes

This is the second time we will have performed the five minute push-up test, so you should have a baseline from which to operate!

Keep using the tracking app and logging those results, guys and gals.


Monday, 7.2.18

First, for Structure.
10 Piston DB Bench
80m Unilateral Farmer Carry
Complete 1 set very 4’ for 16′ 

Then, for PPB. 
800m Row
800m Run
For Time.