MON: Intended Stimulus

We talk a lot about adaptation, which is really just a four syllable word for results, and we get the body to undergo those changes by providing it with the correct amount of stimulus for the given task.

The opportunities for proper stimulus are present every single day. It’s a coach suggesting to go lighter in a particular Tier 2 so that your pace is more urgent, heavier in the Turkish get-up so that your stability is challenged, not avoided, or faster on your 100m run as to not take your body out of a specific energy system.

Each day is different, but everyday carries with it unique benefits to improve. There is no such thing as a universal stimulus intention in this gym.

In today’s Personal Progress Benchmark (PPB), we have Aerobic Capacity 2. Simply put, this is how long your body can endure a ton of body weight reps. We are challenging your cardiovascular endurance as well as your muscular endurance, similar to how the body might feel on a max difficult hike. No need for us to suggest you go light because after all, this one is entirely body weight (save for the bells), so what we’re looking for here is for you to push your threshold within this framework.

Why the time cap?

Urgency. An insurance policy against beginners working longer than is physically productive (and safe), and an insurance policy against experience members taking their foot off the gas.

Minimize your rest. Maximize your time spent moving. Don’t jeopardize position.

Do those things successfully relative to your level of fitness, and you will leave improved.


Monday, 11.26.18

Personal Progress Benchmark
“Aerobic Capacity 2”
50 Push Ups
50 BW Squats
50 /30 Pull-Ups
50 BW Squats
50 V-Ups
50 BW Squats
50 OHKBS (53#/35#)
50 BW Squats
50 Sit-Ups
50 Burpees
800m Run
*Track Time*
(40’ Cap)