MON: Hammer Time — Emily and Reid

Happy Martin Luther King Day, all. A reminder that we are on regularly scheduled classes today.

We’re very pleased to keep 2018 attendance recognition rolling onward, today recognizing:

  • Emily Willhoft, 262 Classes – #3
  • Reid Corley, 342 Classes – #1

Emily: “I go to the gym to challenge myself. To jump start my day or to release my energy at the end of the day with a community of bad ass people!”

Reid: “I love the social release here, and I love seeing myself get better at the lifts daily. I really love everything that you guys have going on here and I am really happy to be a part of it.”

Both Emily and Reid showed remarkable commitment in 2018, and we’re extremely proud of both of them.

-The Team

Monday, 1.21.19

First. For Strength
4 Hang Cleans @60-80%
10 Hollow Rocks
*5 Sets in 20’*

Then. For Conditioning, FAST.
10 Staggered Stance Swings
10 KB Around the World
10 Ring Dips
100m Row Sprint