MON: Fitness is Not Your Complete Solution

If weight loss or any form of aesthetic outcome is your main goal, simply committing to a fitness routine is insufficient.

Let me explain this before you think that this runs counter to what I wrote about last week.

Many people have this idea in their head about what losing weight looks like. They think that if they show up to the gym for an hour everyday, go hard, then the weight will melt off. Initially, for novices, this strategy will work. Just like the largest spike we see in strength gains is with beginners, so too does that typically hold true for initial weight loss. Your body reacts strongly at first because it’s a new stimulus (think of alcohol after you drink for the first time in a long while). However, once your body adapts, it no longer responds in the same manner.

Most people do not eat nearly enough, or they eat too much. For those who don’t eat enough, the compounding of that by hammering your underf ueled body with more stress only puts it into a state of distress (bad stress), where the body stops responding the stimulus.

On the flip side, many put themselves into a healthy caloric deficit through exercise only to unwind that by eating like garbage, thinking they’ve earned, burned, or deserve it. They don’t. That kind of mentality produces a caloric surplus in your day, and you may even gain weight. I see this all the time, to be honest with you (for more information).

So, the gym and physical fitness are a part of weight loss, but they are not the primary driver of it. Not by a long shot. Not even close. You cannot exercise your way out of poor nutrition. Use fitness to get strong. Use fitness to get healthy. Use fitness to drive confidence and self esteem with what you can do.

Do not use fitness as a crutch for all of your weight loss woes. Instead, get your act together nutritionally and receive the benefits of both the physical and the aesthetic, if that’s what you’re after. It doesn’t have to be a complex plan. In fact, it shouldn’t.

Start simply by paying attention to what you eat. Track your calories using any caloric tracking app (MyFitness Pal, My Macros, etc).

Then, take the next step by switching one bad meal per day into a healthier option. Once you’re comfortable with that, remove another one.

Complexity and rigidity is not for the inexperienced. Start slow, use the gym alongside your nutrition focus, and pretty soon, you’ll feel better, move better, and start to move towards the aesthetic goals that you have.

If you want help, reach out. We are happy to guide you in the right direction.


Monday, 11.19.18

First. For Structure
2/s TGU
20” SandBag Hold
Complete 4 sets in 16 minutes

Then. For Conditioning
10 Push Ups
20 V-Ups
10 BW Squats
10 Burpees
150m Run