MON: “First…Then.”

First, eat. Then, drink tequila shots.

First, have a short list. Then, ask your significant other where they want to eat.

First, strength. Then, conditioning.

There’s a reason that what’s associated with “first” always exists above “then” in the hierarchy of importance, and in the case of fitness, the careful terminology that we use at the gym is all about signaling. The idea is to always keep the main thing, the main thing, as Stephen Covey once said.

We operate in an egalitarian state when it comes to goals, here. Your goal isn’t my goal, and my goal will never be forced upon you. That’s an important part of what makes our culture successful, and why we are where we are today. However, that doesn’t preclude us from offering guidance for how you should get there. In the case of fitness, there are few absolutes and highest among them is the very basic premise that strength work will drive every single output you hope to achieve in a far superior manner than conditioning ever will.

Pound for pound, strength training is unmatched in the world of human re-composition.

A stronger body runs faster, jumps higher, burns more calories, moves better, lives longer, reacts faster, exists more confidently, throws harder, carries heavier, holds tighter, defends more vigorously, and most agree, looks better.

By all means, keep your main thing your main thing, but never forget that it will be most directly influenced by how productive you are with your strength training.

First, get strong. Then, goals.


Monday, 8.27.18

First, for Strength.
Clean and Jerks

Then, for PPB Retest SE:5
5’ Row
Record Distance

Roll, Stretch, Mobilize