MON: February Programming Prep

Top of a fresh Monday February morning to you all, P360 Family. We just wrapped up a very productive January that saw you guys set and smash baselines, and we’re excited to rinse and repeat this month with new skills and new focus.

Let’s get to it.

February Cycle

Monday: Varied
Tuesday: Deadlift
Wednesday: Varied
Thursday: Structure
Friday: Cleans

February PPBs

In February our aim will be week one to week four progress in the following PPBs.

Monday: Aerobic Power 1 (AP 2)
AP 2:
10:1 Burpees

100m Run

Extending our ability to work at high intensity, for longer.

Wednesday: Lactate Threshold 1 (LT 1)
For 3 Rounds.
In 9 Minutes Per Round
12 Push Jerk (95#/65#)

5 OTB Burpees
300m Run
Then, Rest the remainder of the 9 minutes until your heat is back up.
Record total time of all three rounds. 

Improving our 100% all out top end work output.

Friday: Strength Endurance 5 (SE 5)
5′ Max Distance Row

Improving our muscle endurance.

The overall objective of getting better each month is so that we continuously assess whether or not our training is focused and productive, or an unfocused sweat fest. If we don’t improve, we don’t continue to see results regardless of which goals you may have for yourself.

J’s Deadlift Cues

February Alternative Movement: DB Bulgarian Split Squats

Like the squat, the deadlift is one of those total body opportunities of which we want to take full advantage. As you progress each week, think less about total load on the bar and more about engagement of your posterior chain, specifically your hamstrings. When you stop feeling it in your hamstrings, it’s a good indication it’s probably too much.

  • GRIP: It’s best to pull double overhand as to not create unnecessary rotational forces on the spine every rep. For those who want to pursue high end strength, mix grip only on the ADVANCED side of the board, and encourage alternating hands each set.
  • SET-UP: Sit far back into the heels.
  • SET-UP: Stack shoulders over wrists on the set-up.
  • LATS: Focus on tight lats/upper back to avoid rounding
  • SUMO: Be diligent on the tracking of the knees. Push the knees out over the edges of the feet.
  • BRACE: Bracing should be a focus as it was with squats/fill the can.
  • LIFT OFF: Lead with the chest to keep the hips from shooting up.

J’S Clean Cues

  • Hang Position: Focus on a longer descent down the thigh.
  • Hang Position & From the Floor: Focus on extension. Up onto the toes (like a MB Slam), shrugging the shoulders as high as possible to the ears.
  • From the Floor: Bar is over the midfoot, not against the shins.


  • February Academy: Jerks w/ Coach J — Sunday, 2/25. Stay tuned for registration details.

Let’s have a great month.


Monday, 2.5.18

First, for Strength.
5/s 1-Arm DB Jerks
4 Box Jumps
6 Ab Roll-Outs
Complete 4 rounds in 20 minutes.

Then, complete the following PPB
for time.
Aerobic Power 2
10:1 Burpees
100m Run