MON: If These Curtsy Lunges Could Talk

In Saturday’s post, I kept brevity the focus because I didn’t want too many words to take away from the main point.

Train the mundane.

The big movements produce the results. The little movements keep you able to perform them.

That was the entirety of the post, but today I want to expand upon that concept a bit because frankly, I feel like all the little details are what separate your experience here from one that can be found anywhere, but it only separates it if you buy into it.

Unfortunately, the mundane is a tough, tough sell. It’s usually not fun, and while it usually doesn’t directly produce the head turning results we all want, we cannot achieve and sustain those desired results without the mundane associated with it.

The mundane are like the studs behind the drywall. You don’t see them, you don’t think about them, but without them the beautiful house crumbles.

If we view the the mundane as nuisance that gets in the way of the big stuff, we might see:

  • Push-Ups – “No thanks, I’m already awesome at these.”
  • Hollow Holds – “Lying there for ten seconds.”
  • Ab Roll-Outs – “We’re not in the 8os.”
  • Banded Core Work – “More lying there, just slightly harder.”
  • Rear Delt Raises – “What are 10# dumbbells gonna do?”
  • Rope Pulls – “I’m not in gym class. Or a strongman. Nor do I want to get jacked pecs.”
  • Sandbag Squats – “Awkward way of doing the same thing I can do with a kettlebell only I feel and look stupid.”
  • Side Raises – “Already told you about Rear Delt Raises, brah.”
  • Plyo Skaters – “Stupidest thing you guys have ever asked us to do.”
  • Renegade Rows – “Enough already, we get it.”
  • Ring Rows – “Pull-ups, please.”
  • Side Lunges – “My mobility sucks so I get nothing out of these.”
  • Curtsy Lunges – “I’m not a ballerina.”
  • Windmills – “These are too slow to help me lose weight.”

While I think there are varying degrees of mundane-ness on this list, I think we can all agree that most don’t get super excited to do those (I am going to be really honest, I absolutely detest performing side lunges), yet they all appear quite frequently over the course of a given mesocycle.

So knowing that, what happens if we instead view the mundane through a lens of productivity in support of the big stuff, not as obstacles to them?

  • Push-Ups – “Yay! The most basic and effective form of upper body strength I can develop. And what will literally save my life one day.”
  • Hollow Holds – “Neato! The position of my pelvis and ability to hold it there is everything in fitness.”
  • Ab Roll-Outs – “See above. But harder and more intense. Glad I have the opportunity to set my low back up to be healthy. Thanks, P360!”
  • Banded Core Work – “I need reminders that sit-ups don’t really train shit. Thanks for the biofeedback opportunity, guys.”
  • Rear Delt Raises – “Oh boy! Can’t wait to keep my shoulders healthy, especially overhead.”
  • Rope Pulls – “Finally! I get to develop the strength and activation of my pecs. Not because I care about growing them, but because I care about using my shoulders and elbows long term.”
  • Sandbag Squats – “Probably a smart idea to even out all the external torque squatting I do with a barbell with some internal toque squatting so I don’t develop spasms long-term.”
  • Side Raises – “Wait, even MORE opportunities to strengthen and stabilize the most unstable joint in my body?!”
  • Plyo Skaters – “I am a human, and I kinda call myself an athlete. I should probably be able to bound laterally, and with control. Oh and activating my glute medius as both a prime mover and stabilizer is neat.”
  • Renegade Rows – “Core work with upper body work with lower body work?! You guys are too nice.”
  • Ring Rows – “Thinkin’ it makes sense for me to not forget basic scapular function if I want healthy overhead work.”
  • Side Lunges – “If I can’t sit into a decent side lunge, I probably shouldn’t load a heavy back squat huh.”
  • Curtsy Lunges – “Wait, I get to work all three planes of motion in one movement? I don’t have to do a buncha other shit?”
  • Windmills – “See curtsy lunges. But with the added challenge of overhead stability.”

We’re not asking you to get as jazzed about this stuff as you do a set of 4×4 Back Squats, just an understanding that it’s not competing with your time in the gym, but enhancing it.


Monday, 1.15.18

First, for Strength.
4 Hang Power Snatch @60-80%
8 Bird Dogs
Perform 1 set every 3 minutes for 12 minutes.

Then, for Conditioning.
w/ a buddy.
A1: 8 Kickstand RKB Swings + 4  Around the World + 4 Lunges + 100m Run
A2: 25 BW Squats + 10 Push-Ups + 100m Run
B: Rest
(x15 Min)