MON: August Podcast

This month on the P360 Podcast we sit down to discuss important gym happenings from July and the upcoming training cycle for August.


  1. July Gym Happenings:
    1. July Training Recap
    2. Wingman Foundation Success
    3. AC’s Hitting the Schedule
  2. August Cycle and More:
    1. Programming Cycle
    2. Pool Party August 25th 
    3. Tracking App Updates
    4. Additional Weekly Lift

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-The P360 Team

Monday, 7.27.18

First. For Strength
3 Clean and Jerks
12/s Pallof Press w/Band
*Every 4’ For 20’ (x5)

Then. For PPB
5’ Row for Distance

Finisher for Recovery:
Roll/Stretch/Ride the Bike

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