#30: Programming Prep and New Coaches

This month on the P360 Podcast we sit down to discuss important gym happenings from July and the upcoming training cycle for August.


  1. July Gym Happenings:
    1. July Training Recap
    2. Wingman Foundation Success
    3. AC’s Hitting the Schedule
  2. August Cycle and More:
    1. Programming Cycle
    2. Pool Party August 25th 
    3. Tracking App Updates
    4. Additional Weekly Lift

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-The P360 Team

Monday, 7.27.18

First. For Strength
3 Clean and Jerks
12/s Pallof Press w/Band
*Every 4’ For 20’ (x5)

Then. For PPB
5’ Row for Distance

Finisher for Recovery:
Roll/Stretch/Ride the Bike