#27: Single Leg Work

This month on the P360 Podcast we sit down to discuss important gym happenings and the upcoming training cycle.


1. Recapping March PPB testing and Members of the Month.
2. PPB testing, progress and our new tracking app coming soon.
3. What to expect in April’s new training cycle: Clean & Jerk, Single Leg Work.
4. Aerobic Capacity vs. Aerobic Power
5. P360 Ocean Beach Opens

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-The Team

Monday, 4.9.18

First, for Structure.
8 Deadlifts OH Grip @ 60-75%
15 Horizontal Band Rows
Complete 1 set every 4′ for 16′

Then, for Conditioning.
w/ a Partner.
100 RKB Swings
100 Supine Rows
100 Spiderman Crunches
100 Goblet Squats
EOM – Coach’s Call Plyo
(20 Min. Cap)