MON: 6-Week Nutrition Revival, Coming April 1 (Part 1)

Since we announced that nutrition would be more widely available and accessible in 2019, everything from a free 12-week guide for all members to paid group coaching, we’ve received progressively increasing interest about next opportunities to take advantage.

Riding off of the huge success we’ve had with our 11-week coaching students, we’re pleased to announce our upcoming 6-Week Nutrition Revival that will coincide with BLOCK 3 starting April 1st.

It will be open to all and ready for enrollment at the end of the month.

Stay tuned for more details tomorrow!

-The Team

Monday, 3.18.19

Complete AFAP.
400m Sprint

8 Deadlifts (135#/85#)
8 Chin Ups
8 Hollow Rocks

400m Sprint

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