MON: 2019 BLOCK 1 Programming Prep

We are soooo excited to be kicking off our first 6-week cycle of 2019. Talk about why we’re excited has passed, it’s now time to dig in and get to work over the next six weeks. Here’s everything that have ahead, what you can expect to get out of it, and how to go about it most effectively.

BLOCK 1 Cycle:

Monday:  Clean Progressions
Tuesday:  Varied
Wednesday: Deadllift Progressions
Thursday:  Varied
Friday:  Bench Press

Name: “Breaker of Chains”
Timeline: 1/7 – 2/17 (6 Weeks)
End of Cycle Testing: 3-Rep Hang Clean, Deadlift, and Bench Press, (ADV: 1-Rep in all)
PPB: Lactate Threshold 1

Primary Lifts

To learn why we pick (1) absolute strength lift and (1) strength-speed lift every cycle, check out this installment of “Behind the Whiteboard.”

Absolute Strength: Deadlifts

  • Double Overhand: For sub max lifting to avoid unnecessary risky rotation on the spine, may mix grip if you are working toward higher percentage performance reps. Double overhand will build much better transferable strength than a mixed grip.
  • “Lead With the Chest/Upper Back”:  Push down through the feet and legs and allow the upper body to lead the way. This will keep you from overloading your low back during the first phase of the movement. 

Strength-Speed: Cleans

  • “Active Catch”: Bring the bar to the shoulders by punching the elbows through with active hands, and elevating the shoulders, rather than just passively releasing the grip and crashing. The less of a grip maintained on the bar, the less tension can be applied. We need tension when we catch to stand up, or we crumple like a leaf.
  • Move Your Feet: Extend up onto the toes during the pull. Push the feet outward to catch. Pushing the feet out allows for space for the torso to push under and catch as quickly as possible after extension is met. When we move the feet we also catch upright position, which is more advantageous.
  • Stand Right Up: Practice standing up immediately after the bar is secured to the shoulders. Allow the Stretch-Shortening Cycle (SSC) to work when squatting the clean. The longer you wait at the bottom position, the more challenging/slower standing up becomes. Use the bounce.
  • Full Cleans: “Patience off the Floor” – From the floor to the knee should be controlled and purposeful. Rushing the first pull elevates the hips too quickly ultimately putting the bar out in front and away from the body. Push down. Then pull and explode once the bar meets the knee.

End of Cycle Testing

We will be testing our 3-rep lifts in the hang clean, deadlift, and the bench press at the end of the cycles. Three reps will be very productive because it challenges our strength, but just as important, it challenges our position since we have to maintain it for three reps. This places great demand on the core to ensure we are transferring force properly and don’t see technique breakdown in our extremities and our spine.

For this reason, the 3-rep tests will be a very significant expression of overall core strength. Thus, we will build lots of this cycle.

Personal Progress Benchmark (PPB)

The PPB for BLOCK 1 will be Lactate Threshold 1.

In 9 Minutes.
12 Push Jerks (95#/65#)
5 OTB Lateral Burpees
300m Run
Then Rest until your heat is up

This test will reveal and improve our overall high output fitness. What we can perform better over our highest output, we can translate to more output across less intense efforts, and better overall fitness. When we can do more work, our body has the capacity to change.


Monday, 1.7.19

First. For Strength.
5 Hang Power Cleans + 3 Front Squats @50-70%
Complete 1 set every 3′ for 15′

Then. For Conditioning.
10 Renegade Rows
5 Box Jumps (12”/24”)

500m Run

PHASE 1: Optional 5′ Squat Test