MON: 1000th Class Medal – Deana C.

Maybe it’s hard for some of you to envision, maybe it isn’t, but there was a time when the future of our gym was in serious doubt. When we opened, we really had no clue if what we wanted to do would be accepted by the community, and if enough people would every stick around to keep our days open.

We hustled hard, with different creative methods to get people to to try the gym our first 18 months. As  many as we could think of. One of them was our October Challenge back in 2012, an initiative that we launched to get our entire membership 186 at the time) to focus on goals, and we offered a dirt cheap 30 day enrollment for non-members.

We got a ton of people to sign up. 69 to be exact. It was a great month with a ton of different goals reached, and a lot of new faces added to the gym. Some of those folks stuck around for a long time, some did not.

Two that remain here to this day are Deana and Thomas Cimalore, and this past month Deana recently hit her 1,000th class. We have enjoyed the Cimalores more than we can say, and we are so proud of and inspired by Deana, mother of two, for somehow continuing to make fitness a priority in her life despite raising two young boys and leading a hectic home life.

We’re very grateful for that October Challenge if for no other reason than to gain two long term, loyal members. Thanks, Deana. And congrats on all of your efforts.

-The Team

Monday, 4.29.19

First. For Strength OR Muscle.
5 Back Squats @ 60-80%
8 Back Squats @60%

10 DB Bench
10 Russian Twists
Complete 1 set every 5′ for 20′

Then. For Conditioning AFAP.
w/a pal
A: 3 Hell Trots
B: Rest
—Rest 2’—
A: 6 Lateral Plate Burpees
B: Rest