Happy Tuesday, folks.  Hope everyone’s day is off to a nice start.  As a reminder, we are on the altered schedule today to include an extra evening class so make sure you pay appropriate attention when signing up.

Today’s workouts are both good ones, the Surf n’ Turf has a couple of new exercises we came up with last night and the Daily Challenge is well rounded and very efficient.

The Daily Challenge is going to be EXCELLENT for whatever goal you decide to specify due to it’s inclusion of so many joints and muscle groups.

Why We Do: Deadlifts

  • Deadlifts work over 10 muscle groups in your body (including your abdominals) which means it is very easy to target a specific goal.  Working lots of muscles is going to do the following depending on your goal.

-Create a very high caloric burn (for fat loss and toning)
-Work to muscle failure (if hypertrophy is your goal)
-Produce incredible strength gains and challenge the nervous system (for strength goals)

What that means is that deadlifts will take the goal you are targeting and return it ten fold.  They are an awesome exercise, and if you need a crash course refresher on why they are so great, here it is in detail.

Here is today’s Surf n’ Turf Boot Camp.

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