Holds can be placed on your account with the following conditions:

  • 7-days advance notice
  • Between 14 and 90 days of length
  • Once per quarter

To place your account on hold, follow these quick steps in your member app:

**Please note, putting your account on hold does not cancel your membership. If you put your account on hold you cannot cancel the membership while the account is on hold. You will not receive a notification when the account resumes on your hold end date and it is up to you to keep track of that date. There are no refunds for failure to manage your own account.

  1. Click the Settings Gear Icon in the upper left hand side of your app
  2. Click “View My Membership” button
  3. Click “Manage” button under your membership
  4. Click “Pause My Membership” and select a start date of you hold as well as an end date. You are allowed up to 90 days on hold.

Your account will pause and readjust billing dates once the hold is active, and any unused classes will carry over to when the account resumes.