P360 Franchising – Q&A with Chief Operating Officer, Lenny Weiner


You would be shocked how many of our all time best coaches did not have a lick of experience prior to being hired at Performance360™. 

So how did it happen? It’s simple. The P360 Member-to-Coach program and the desire by those folks to take the step forward. The MTC is a world class education program takes you through the pillars of the P360 Collaborative Coaching system, both online and in-person.

Ultimately, it is to provide inquisitive minds with the potential for full or part-time coaching opportunity within these walls, or just to enhance their own understanding of the P360 culture.

Are You a Passionate Member?

Are you a positive force in class who is genuinely excited to show up and train each week? Have you proven a base level of skill proficiency in our foundational movement patterns? If so, we’re listening…

Attend the P360 Coach Academy

The Coach Academy is where your knowledge foundation is laid. An immersive 2-day course designed to teach you the basics of our Collaborative Coaching system, including movement technique, communication skills, proven fitness principles, and most importantly – a peek behind the P360 curtain.

Gain Accredited Certification

If you are currently uncertified, you will need to obtain or be actively enrolled in a relevant coaching credential. If you would like a recommendation go HERE.


Coach Ashley Pritz
MTC Program: 2018
Now: Level 3 Coach

Coach Nate Correia
MTC Program: 2020
Now: Level 2 Coach

Coach Kat Cupka
MTC Program: 2021
Now: Level 1 Coach

Coach Jenn Ciofolo
MTC Program: 2018
Now: Level 2 Coach

Coach Kyle Paton
MTC Program: 2016
Now: Level 2 Coach

Coach Alexandra Keyes
MTC Program: 2021
Now: Level 1 Coach

Coach Abby Crotteau
MTC Program: 2018
Now: Level 2 Coach (ret.)

Performance360 Clubs

Coach Lenny Weiner
MTC Program: 2016
Now: Chief Operating Officer