Jennifer Monclus!

Most notable accomplishments:

  • Down 13 pounds!
  • 36″ Box Jump


Jen has been working very hard as of late and her efforts have been very noticeable. She has been taking the “don’t pay attention to the scale” advice very well. Recently weighing herself for the first time in months, she realized she had dropped 13 pounds from her body while also seeing her strength and stamina increase dramatically.

Jen’s a great example of what simply showing up, trying hard and being consistent can do for your results.

How old are you and what do you do for a living?
I’m 29, from Santa Barbara and just got a new job for an auto business consulting firm in Mira Mesa doing sales/training.

Favorite and least favorite exercise?
I enjoy Double Unders and I probably dislike handstand push ups the most. And scary box jumps.

What do you like most about the gym?
I enjoy the group work out dynamic. I could spend hours at 24 hour fitness a week by myself and not get pushed the way I do at p360. The “group” environment really helps me go to the next personal level as everyone around me is pushing themselves to the next level. Oh, and working out with smokin’ babes isn’t bad either ;)

What would current P360 Jen say to pre-P360 Jen?
I would say to old Jen, “that i’m proud of you joining and sticking this out. it was intimidating at first but I really love it and am glad you’ve gotten out of your comfort zone and accomplished things you never thought you could”.

Most proud achievement in the gym?
Most proud achievement hmmmmmm….maybe a recent box jump for me. Box jumps are still scary for me and that’s something i still need to work on. I believe i did the 36-er the other week.

What have you learned most since training here?
I’ve learned that what I thought I knew as ‘exercise and proper eating’ was totally wrong. I couldn’t wrap my head around only working out for 20-30 mins and that being a legitimate work out. Once I stopped being a sissy and attempted to do “strength” vs. ‘Fat Loss’ work outs I started seeing physical results. I also knocked off the carb consumption and think that’s REALLY helped me out. So yeah, i’ll take a 25 minute butt kicking any day vs. regular gyms.

Embarrassing fact most people don’t know?
Embarrassing moment is probably when i was pretend ” air boxing” with an old boyfriend. I was trying to be cool and talk game saying he can’t pretend punch me and I started antagonizing him. Next thing I knew I should have bobbed instead of weaved and accidentally got punched in the face breaking my nose. Game over.

Hidden talent most people don’t know?
I can make my toes do the “hang loose” symbol that we can make our hands do. Is that a cool talent? Does that make sense?

Editors note: No, that doesn’t make sense.

Favorite cheat meal?
I will house plates of sushi when I can get the chance.

What was going through your head in the middle of your first P360 workout?
“You’re not going to die, just get through this!”

If you owned the gym for a day, what would you do?
If I owned the gym for a day I’d provide complimentary massages outside along the bay for all our sore, achy muscles ;) similar to what they do along the beach in Mexico and or Hawaii.

Congratulations to Jen!

Mark Mirra!

Most recent accomplishments.

  • 34 strict pull-ups (GYM RECORD)
  • 425# deadlift
  • 55″ box jump
  • 255# front squat
  • Did not miss a day in May


Mark has been absolutely en fuego with his commitment and accomplishments as evidenced by the very impressive list above. He has been showing up everyday and pushing himself to new heights almost on a daily basis, earning himself Level 3 of the Frog Club, Prison Yard Club and a deadlift of over 400# in the process making his accomplishments some of the most well rounded we have seen.

Age, where are you from, what college, what do you do for work?
I’m 33 and from Virginia. I went to Virginia Tech and am currently a pilot in the Marine Corps.

Favorite and least favorite exercise?
My favorite are push-ups and my least favorite are cleans, only because my elbow doesn’t let me do them.

What do you like most about the gym?
The culture that surrounds it.

What would current P360 Mark say to pre P360 Mark?
You don’t need all of the carbs you are eating!

Most proud achievement in the gym?
This. Definitely being elected Member of the Month by you guys! This is so cool, I’m having a hard time keeping this a secret :)

What have you learned most since training here?
I have learned that even at 33 years of age, with the right diet and workout regiment, it’s possible to literally be in the best shape of my life.

Embarrassing fact most people don’t know?
Every time I walk outside the gym during a workout, it’s bc I’m farting (and to be honest, I wish everyone else shared that embarrassing fact – there’s nothing I hate more than the phantom flatulencer at 6:15 in the morning).

Hidden talent most people don’t know?
I can parallel park any car into any spot from the passenger seat. Fact.

Favorite cheat meal?
Phil’s BBQ, dude. Broham BBQ Sammie for life!

Famous person you’d most like to have a meal with?
Tony Stark.

What was going through your head in the middle of your first P360 workout?
What. the. fuck…have I gotten myself into here?

If you owned the gym for a day, what would you do?
Host a midget wrestling tournament.

A huge congratulations to both Jen and Mark on their noticeable attitude, effort and accomplishments for themselves. Please be sure to pass on your congrats to them when you see them around the gym!

Until next month!