We are back for another edition of P360 members of the month, and for the first time ever we have a husband and wife combo! For those of you wondering how we decide on this, our entire staff gets a thread going at the end of every month.  We all nominate individuals and at the end of it, we vote.  Maybe it seems like something trivial, but we take it really seriously because we love recognition of hard work, regardless of the fitness level.

Silver Medal

Lenny Wiener, Tiffany Cervantes, Ellen Christie, Leah Kay, Anna Hollenhorst, Blake Hynes and Dom Dolivo all received coaches nominations and discussion, as well. Congratulations, guys!  Your hard work did not go unnoticed.

Tom Cimalore

Simply put, Thomas is absolutely killing it.  Over the last 90 days, he is down 20 pounds and his strength has gone up very noticeably.  He has hit PRs in many lifts, but most important, Thomas is just an awesome dude.  From day one, he has been one of the more positive people in whatever class he is in.  He is always chatting with people, always congratulating people, has absolutely no ego and is just a regular, good dude who wants to get better and see others around him do the same.  That’s exactly what he has done and we could not be prouder of his results, or to have him as a part of P360.


Get to Know Thomas

How old are you and where are you from?
37, from Westerly Rhode Island

What do you do for work (or school)?
I am a planner/scheduler at GD NASSCO. We build cargo ships and tankers for the Navy and Commercial companies

What do you do for fun?
Back 10 years ago, I would say going out drinking with the boys but now that I am an old fart and can’t recover like I use to it would have to say that playing video games and being on my couch/hanging with my wife are good times!

What motivates you each day?
Growth. Just knowing that each day I have the opportunity to learn more and better myself is very exciting. P360’s philosophies have had a big impact with this in both my gym and home/work life.

Favorite and least favorite exercise?
Favorite – Deadlifts/any Kettlebell exercise/Cleans/Thrusters.

What’s the most valuable bit of coaching you’ve received at P360?
This is a tough one. I have been with P360 for some time now and have gotten tons of valuable coaching throughout the years. You guys are always dropping awesome knowledge on the technical lifts we do. From stomping the cockroach on split jerks, switching it up to sumo on deadlifts, to speed under the bar on cleans. I could go on and on. And even the more simplistic advise as just to listen to your body has helped me tremendously.  Nutrition has been so huge for me also.

What is your most proud achievement at P360 so far?
Definitely has to be getting nominated as member of the month. We have so many strong, athletic, incredible members that are stronger and more well rounded then me that I never thought I would be in the running. It is an honor and very humbling to nominated. I am also proud to be a member for so many years. Without the crazy awesome coaches and dedicated members I wouldn’t be anywhere near the person I am in today. Thank you all!!!

If money was no concern, what would be your dream job?
I have always loved sports so it would have to be a professional athlete or more realistically seeing that I am a midget and wouldn’t be that good, I would take being a bench player.

Embarrassing fact about Deana that other people don’t know?
She falls asleep 2 mins into a tv show or movie. Then tries to play it off like she has been awake the whole time.

Hidden talent about Deana people don’t know?
She is really good at motivating people. She is the reason I joined and fell in love with P360. Oh she also makes one hell of a ice cream cake!!

If Deana was an ice cream flavor, what would they be and why?
Ben and Jerry’s Peanut Buttah. Peanut butter is one of my favorite things.. add it to ice cream and my life is complete. This definitely reminds me of Deana. She is sweet and tasty, she is always there to pick me up or motivate me when i am down, she is my favorite and with her in my life, I feel complete!

If you could teleport to any point in the past, where would you go?
Maybe the 50’s & 60’s. There were some great athletes and sports teams back then and being a Yankess fan I think it would be awesome to witness the times when Mantle, Joe D & Gehrig ruled the league. Or maybe back to right before the largest lottery jackpot ticket was sold so I could get in on that action!

Favorite naughty food?
Anything fried or Pizza or any sweet with peanut butter involved with it! God, I am such a fat kid at heart.

What’s the biggest overall improvement you had made since joining?
Again another tough one. I feel like I have grown so much since I have started. I have gotten better on most of the technical lifts. but more so I think just the fact that I look forward to the gym these days instead of loathing it.

Famous person you’d most like to have a drink with, and what drink would you buy them?
Michael Jordan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Both are legends who are masters of their crafts. I would love to chat with them and soak up anything I could and hopefully incorporate some of it into my life.. I would have to go with Moscow Mules. Who doesn’t enjoy mules??

If you could retire and live one place, where would it be?
Would have to be San Diego. Unless you tell me P360 will follow me then I would say somewhere in the Carribean or Hawaii. I’m not ready to leave you guys yet!

Which public figure or celebrity would you like to put in a dunk tank?
I will go with Kim Jong Un. That guy and his ways irk me. But i would like there to be sharks or pirhannas in the tank to make things more enjoyable

You have one song, one movie and one TV show a desert island are they?
On the island by myself, I will say any Tiesto track, any girl on girl porn, and the league. On the island with my wife, I will go with Jack Johnson-I got you(our wedding song), Comando(wont matter cuz she will be asleep) and the league.

What is your biggest goal for the rest of 2015?
My short term goal is Level 2 Barbell club and Level 1 prison yard(been working on this one for a while) but one of my ultimate goals is to get into Club Forged.

Deana Cimalore

On to the other, better looking half of the Cimalore duo!  For starters, D is pregnant, and it has only mildly slowed her down as she still shows up and trains with regularity.  Did we mention that she is um, pregnant?  Like, there is a person growing inside her and she still shows up to the gym more than most people.

On top of that, Deana is just an awesome person like her husband and has long been a hard worker and awesome part of the P360 family.  We are incredibly happy for there first born on the way soon, and can’t wait for the lil’ guy or gal to come by the gym!


Get to Know Deana

Age, where are you from?
I’m 35 from Cranston, Rhode Island….. you know Craaaaaaanston, where Fleda Felcher is from?!
What do you do for work (or school)?

I work at General Dynamics NASSCO as a Training Specialist in the Organizational Development Department… basically I supervise college interns and employees in our Professional Development Program (a 2-year job rotation leadership training program mostly for new college grads out of maritime or engineering schools).

What do you do for fun?
I really enjoy when Thomas and I get together with friends and have game nights or go out to eat. I also thoroughly enjoy taking my dogs (Stella 3 and Jelly 11) to the beach, it’s so fun to watch them play.

What motivates you each day?
I always strive to do my best. I think about how lucky I am to have the wonderful life I was blessed with along with all of my family and friends. I specifically think about my grandmother and mom and how fortunate I am to still have them in my life teaching me everything they know.

Favorite and least favorite exercise?
Favorite exercises – gosh that’s tough! I’d say a 3 way tie between burpees, pull-ups and hell trots; least favorite exercise, box jumps….I got no ups! ☹

What’s the most valuable bit of coaching you’ve received at P360?
I think it took me a good year before I figured out how to do a push jerk correctly before Robby helped tie it together for me…. it all clicked one day when he said to focus on dipping under the bar rather than pushing it overhead.

What is your most proud achievement at P360 so far?
I’d have to say being able to do 7 pull-ups unassisted. When I started at the gym I couldn’t even do 1 without a band!

If money was no concern, what would be your dream job?
Probably a combination of running a doggie daycare out of my house with a large pool so the dogs can swim and play all day and a tutoring agency so I can help kids do better in math.

Embarrassing fact about Thomas that other people don’t know?
Thomas is terrified of bugs! Any size! He always calls me in from the other room to “show me” a bug but it’s really because he wants me to kill it.

Hidden talent about Thomas most people don’t know?
Besides being pretty decent at random trivia, he’s a pretty sick roller skater…. can even do tricks and stuff!

If Thomas was an ice cream flavor, what would they be and why? Vanilla with chocolate chunks because that’s my favorite.

If you could teleport to any point in the past, where would you go?
I would probably go back to the 1950s when my parents were growing up to see if all the stories they told me about their childhood were true…. like if everyday my dad had to walk barefoot in the snow to school uphill both ways..

Favorite naughty food?
A warm chocolate chip walnut cookie covered with vanilla ice cream.

What’s the biggest overall improvement you had made since joining?
I’ve definitely noticed a change in my body composition and strength. I have always been a pretty active person but was never into lifting weights much, just did it to do it…I love how it has truly changed how I feel mentally and physically. I never leave the gym without a smile on my face.

Famous person you’d most like to have a drink with, and what drink would you buy them?
Bellini with Oprah

If you could retire and live in one place, where would it be?
Probably Fiji, one of those places that you have to swim up to your hut and you can lay in a hammock all day. Of course after a good morning workout



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