MJ Kafkas Performance360 Coach

M.J. Kafkas
Level 1 Coach

Melissa, or “MJ” as her pals call her, is a natural athlete and leader. Growing up competing in both swim and water polo, MJ accumulated a list of accolades and achievement that went all the way through college. Only, you would never know it. As humble as she is competent when it comes to fitness and the gym, MJ is happy to take a backseat and let others have the limelight. Yet, when it’s her time to go, she always performs, pushes, and tends to win. MJ is approachable, yet confident and definitive with her coaching style and from her experience, has something to offer all levels.

Professional Education:

  • P360 Fully Certified Coach (FCC), Level 1

Athletic/Competition Experience:

  • NCAA Water Polo, SDSU
  • Coca-Cola Player of the Year, 2009