Level 1 Coach

Liz Koberstein Performance360 Coach


How old are you and where are you from?
I am 27 years old from Madison, Wisconsin.

What are you most excited about coaching at Performance360?
I am most excited to help members to grow holistically, whether that means reaching strength and conditioning goals, improving confidence, establishing a healthy mental/emotional outlet or connecting more within the community.

What do you hope to accomplish with your coaching?
I hope to create an environment of accountability and acceptance at all levels, and celebrate each member’s accomplishments along the way. This could be a first ever hang clean, a PR dead lift, getting through a tough point in pregnancy or a stressful time at work – I want to cheer members on to their finish line, whatever it may be.

What should people know about you before they take your class?
People should know that I will forever identify as a teammate – I will push you, compete with you, cheer you on, celebrate you and learn from you. I embrace the “team” mindset that allows us to get further together than we ever could have alone.

What are your personal philosophies with fitness and nutrition?
Throughout my volleyball career, I practiced the fitness mentality of pushing myself as hard as I could “and then some.” While I am deeply rooted in this mentality and proud of where it got me in my athletic career, I’m slowly moving towards a more holistic, sustainable approach: Move every day. Listen to your body. Think of rest days as progress, not failure. Warm up and cool down – it matters.

Nutrition wise, my goal is to be balanced and error on the side of consuming things that make me feel good. I’m lucky that I love to cook and I try to mostly make healthy meals at home. I’m always working on drinking more water. I’ve come a long way from the cheese, beer and brats of my Wisconsin childhood!

What local food are you crushing and what are you ordering?
Mitch’s Seafood in Point Loma has super fresh seafood/seafood tacos. Cesarina’s in OB/PL- best pasta I’ve ever had. Bitchin’ Sauce from your local Vons, Barons or Costco. Stella Jean’s Ice Cream in University Heights. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Professional Education:

  • P360 Fully Certified Coach, Level 1
  • International Sports Science Association, GFC