by Julianne Russell
ERY-T 200 Coach

As we have written about on the P360 website before, the lats are a hugely involved muscle group.  We use them in every pulling motion from a pull-up, to deadlift, to clean and much, much more.  Since they are such a large, prominent muscle group that we depend upon for performance, it’s very important we keep them healthy and loose.

Without mobility in our lats, we are unable to get into a front rack position which will inherently limit our ability in movements like cleans, jerks, front squats and presses.

Be sure to check out our full library of mobility articles and videos for all of your limbering up needs!  I am also happy to answer any questions you guys may have in class after reviewing the videos.

Julianne Russell is the yoga instructor and coach at Performance360.  She has accumulated 4,500 yoga teaching hours, she holds a 100hr Happy Back Certification with physical therapy focus, is a 200hr E-YT, and has four years experience as the Teacher Training Lead at CorePower Yoga.  She is also a Level 4 Barbell Club member and has an all-time deadlift PR of 325#.

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