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Many of us are limited in our Olympic lifts for a wide variety of reasons.  It could be ankles, hips, shoulders or many potential problem areas that have become immobile.  A big culprit is often an overlooked area, the thoracic spine (upper back).

Coach  J shows us three of her favorite mobility exercises to loosen up that t-spine and get you more able to sustain overhead movements such as overhead squats, snatches, jerks and presses.


They can also serve as a great warm-up on overhead days.  Try these out and tell us what you think.

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Julianne Russell is the yoga instructor and coach at Performance360.  She has accumulated 4,500 yoga teaching hours, she holds a 100hr Happy Back Certification with physical therapy focus, is a 200hr E-YT, and has four years experience as the Teacher Training Lead at CorePower Yoga.  She is also a Level 4 Barbell Club member and has an all-time deadlift PR of 325#.


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