Co-Owner/Coach, P360 Ocean Beach

Lenny Weiner Performance360 CoachBIO

Lenny has made the journey from member to coach, and now to co-owner of our new Ocean Beach location. There is perhaps no one within our culture who better epitomizes our respect and commitment to growth than Coach Lenny. Always the most upbeat and positive person in the room, Lenny brings his high energy to his classes, whether he is there as a participant, a coach, or an excited owner. 


How old are you and where are you from?
I am 38, and from Adrian, Michigan.

How long have you lived in San Diego and what brought you here?
I’ve lived in San Diego for four years.  I came out here to escape the hellish Midwest winters and to spark my life.

When did you start coaching at the gym?
I came on as the nutrition coach February 2016, and a coach on the floor April that same year. Before that, I was a member for about a year and a half and loved it.

What do you hope to accomplish with someone when coaching?
Selfishly, I’m tying to make a new friend. I want every person I coach to have a positive relationship with fitness because too many people dread going to the “gym.”  To accomplish this, I try creating an environment conducive to results, laughs, sweats, and incoherent outbursts.

Describe your own personal philosophies with fitness and nutrition?
Nothing deep, here.  Fitness makes life sweeter. It builds confidence, you smile, laugh, and love more.

Nutrition on the other hand. Lets start with the Krebs cycle.  This sequence of reactions. Alright, I’m messing. Don’t eat like a complete jackass. A healthy balance of 90/10. 90% healthy whole foods and 10% eat whatever the hell you want. That’s unless you want to become a physique competitor, then it’s time to become anti-social.

Are there any personal results or transformations you’ve achieved through fitness that you’d like to share?
Before joining here, my focus was bodybuilding and aesthetics.  My transformation from 18% body fat to 5% body fat was impressive, but didn’t make me any happier and I developed some body image issues.

After moving to San Diego and joining this gym, I realized that athletic accomplishments fulfilled me. My most proud are a 55″ box jump, 2:21 half mile, Level 4 Barbell Club. They all give me a different sense of pride.

The best have been developing relationships with hundreds of great people here, and creating lasting experiences together inside and outside the gym. Hands down.

Where are you going locally to destroy food, and what are you ordering?
Square Pizza. I’m ordering the Cadillac with two tasty root beers to wash it down.

Professional Education:

  • P360 Fully Certified Coach (FCC), Level 2
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • Precision Nutrition, Certified Coach
  • USA Weightlifting, Level 1
  • Gray Institute (Seminar)
  • StrongFit Principles of Movement (Seminar)
  • Art of Breath (Seminar)

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