How do you view that statement?

Personally, fucking hate this saying.  What does that mean?  “You are only capable of X so never try Y” is how I read that.

There’s nothing that frustrates me more as a coach than when I am unable to get someone there “mentally”.  When I know for a certain fact that someone can accomplish a physical act but lacks the certain mental fortitude to get it done.

Maybe it’s a 400# deadlift, a 50″ box jump or something really exceptional like that.  However, more often than not it’s something as simple as putting plates on a barbell for the first time for squats, or getting a timid first timer to attack pull-ups rather than fear them.

Most people have tenacity within them, it just needs to be ripped out.

That’s where we come in, and when I can’t get them to cross over it sucks.

What I really consider my job to be is a facilitator.  Provide the environment and confidence members need to get to their goals.  That’s it.  Coach along the way but for the most part stay out of people’s way unless they need technique correction or safety reminders.

So.  What do you think of when you someone says, “know your limitations”.  Are you a “that’s what I can’t do” or “that’s what I CAN” kind of person?

We like to rearrange the mind’s circuity, flip that on its head and get people thinking, “this is my limit and I’m going to bust past it”.  Right down to the last member regardless of fitness level.

These people certainly “knew their limitations”, huh.

Robbie Davis 55″ Box Jump (Gym Record)

Jason Weber later tied this in the evening after he saw Robbie got it!  Nothing like friendly competition amongst members and friends to elevate your efforts.

Tori Faught 36″ Box Jump

Alex Vekich first TWO Pull-Ups!

Yash Norhashemi 355# Deadlift

This one was especially proud for me since Yash was a weightlifting novice on day 1 and set a goal for himself to deadlift 225#. Oops. Looks like it’s 355# and counting instead.

If you don’t have confidence in your abilities you risk stagnation and training purgatory.  Believe in yourself, “know your limitations” but do not be imprisoned by them.  Pushing yourself is how you reach genetic potential. That’s it.

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