P360 Academy: Kettlebell Swing Clinic 

Sunday, April 30th at 9 am at PB with Coach Dave. This Academy is for athletes of all levels and will be scaled according to strength and experience level. Spaces will be limited.

Come on down this Sunday, April 30th and join Coach Dave for a fun and interactive clinic where you’ll leave with a cleaned up swing and better knowledge how to build your glutes, hamstrings, and posterior chain. There is no movement we perform at our gym with greater frequency than the Kettlebell Swing, and improving it will unlock many performance, health, and aesthetic benefits.

Where: Performance360 Pacific Beach
When: 9 am, this Sunday, 30th
Who: Anyone who performs kettlebell movements regularly
How to Register: Registration will open on MindBody for members 24 hours in advance, but in order to claim your spot ahead of time you may email us, here (Dave@Perform-360.com). Spaces will be limited to allow for hands-on coaching. Non-members welcome at a $30 Drop In.

Clinic will include learning how to:

  1. Better target the posterior chain rather than the low back, resulting in more muscle fiber work on the butt and hamstrings.

  2. Reduce or eliminate low back soreness from the swing.

  3. Build stronger lats to help you produce more pull-ups and better lifts.

  4. Breath properly to allow you to swing more weight at higher volume.

  5. Perform drills and exercises exclusive to this clinic.

  6. Truly own the hinge pattern, so that it can be applied to better deadlifts and certain Olympic lifts.

Join us and get some great takeaways to improve your workouts and get better results from a great movement.

About the Coach: Dave Thomas is owner and coach at Performance360, with seven years of experience training athletes with the kettlebell, and multiple industry kettlebell certifications and workshops.