Level 1 Coach


Where are you from and what and what brought you here? I am from NJ, but moved to San Diego last February from Philadelphia where I lived for the past 7 years.

I have been wanting to move here for a few years now. I really wanted to live somewhere that I could do outdoor activities all year round – surf, hike, ski, etc and San Diego is the perfect place! Lucky, I found a job as a Nurse Practitioner here, which always makes a cross country move easier!

What are you most excited to help members with?

I am most excited to get people excited about what their own bodies are capable of. Never thought you could do a pull-up? Sweet! Let’s get you there.

What do you believe fitness can provide people?

Similar to my previous answer, I believe fitness can boost peoples confidence within themselves. Also, as a nurse practitioner, I am very much of the belief of trying to fix yourself with a healthy lifestyle first, rather than slapping a band aid on something.

What can members expect from your coaching style?

A high level of excitement and motivation. I would rather people start at their step one (everyone is different!), really perfect the movements, and get stronger from there! And likely some dance moves.

Where are you going locally to destroy food, and what are you ordering?

I am lucky enough to live right by Second Nature, so they get a good chunk of my pay check. My go-tos are the acai bowl, cauliflower tacos and ramen. But honestly you cannot go wrong with anything from there.

Professional Education:

  • International Sports Science Association, GFC
  • P360 Fully Certified Coach (FCC), Level 1