Monday, 6/1

Daily Challenge: “Phil Weston”

Format: 2-Tiered Partner Rotation

A: 8 Thrusters
With a partner, rotate performing 8 reps for duration.
(x12 min)

A: 5 P360 Complexes
With a partner, rotate performing 8 reps for duration.
(x12 min)


P360 Strength: 6p @ P360 Crown Point

P360 Strength focuses on total body power, strength and athleticism with a focus on Olympic and power lifts.  Developing skills with barbells as well as complimentary power and athleticism not found in Daily Challenge classes. Open for all skill levels.

5 x 5 Snatch Grip Deficit Deadlifts

5 x 3 Front Squats

8 x 3 Weighted Pull-Ups

Or, 5 x 5 Band Pull-Ups with Stop Pause at bottom to prevent bounce. 

Tuesday, 6/2


Daily Challenge: “Brennan Huff”

Format: 3-Tier

First, Slowly.
5:4:3 Push Jerks
2:2: Split Jerks
(5×5 Push Press for beginners)

Then, 10 min. EMOM
10 RKB Swings + 3 Burpees
(w/ a partner)

3x300m Sprint


P360 Shred: 4:30, 5:30 & 6:30 @ P360 Mission Beach

3 x 12 minute stations


Station 1: Abs

  • 10 Spiderman Crunches
  • 5 Hollow Rocks
  • 10/s Side Crunch
  • 30 Flutter Kicks


Station 2: Glutes & Hams

  • 30’/leg Iso L-Holds (+optional weighted)
  • 15/s Wide Stance Lunge Pulses
  • 10/s Prone Hamstring Curls****


Station 3: Cardio

  • 20 Weighted DB Jacks
  • 30 Curb Tabs
  • 200m Row


Wednesday, 6/3

Film Title: Blades of Glory

Daily Challenge: “Chazz Michael Michaels”

Format: Group Circuit

In Teams of 3:
A: 300m Run
B: Max Hold Plank
C: Max Rep Pull-Ups
Rotate on A member.
(x25 minutes)

50 Reverse Grip BB Curls

P360 Kettlebell, 5p & 6p @ P360 Crown Point

P360 Kettlebells with Coach Robby uses only fitness’ most dynamic tool, the kettlebell.  30 – 45 minute classes develop strength, athleticism and fat loss.  Open for all levels.

Phase 1
50 Snatches
50 Dancer Press
50 Preacher Squats

8 Hard Style Swings
5 Band Resisted Broad Jumps

P360 Muscle, 7:30 pm @ P360 Mission Beach

P360 Muscle is slower-pace, higher-rep muscle growth class designed as a fusion between modern training and old school bodybuilding. Perfect for men and women looking to add functional muscle to their bodies without the “bodybuilder” look.  Open for all levels.

P360 Muscle
10 Conventional Deadlifts @ 50 – 70%
10 Bench Press

5×10 Snatch Grip Rows

Yoga: 8p @ Crown Point

Thursday, 6/4


Open Gym: 4p – 7p @ Crown Point
Daily Challenge: “Frank Ricard”

Format: 10:1

10:1 Back Squats
10:1 DB Bench Press
200m Row

P360 Outdoor Shred: 4:30, 5:30 @ P360 Mission Beach

5th Bench Run
50 BW Squats
4th Bench Run
50 Lunges (total)
3rd Bench Run
50 Side Lunges (total)
2nd Bench Run
50 Double Calf Raises
(x30 minutes)

200 Plank Knees (total)

P360 Strength: Open Gym Workout, Anytime

5×3 T&G Snatch

5×5 Kneeling Push Press

TGU work

Friday, 6/5


Daily Challenge: “Jackie Moon”

Format: Timed Challenge

10:2 FTF Push Press (95# / 65#)
10:2 Chevrons
10:2 OH KB Swings
1 mile run

Saturday, 6/6


Open Gym: 9 – 12 @ P360 Mission Beach
Daily Challenge: “Dr. Rick Marshall”

Format: 30 min. Deck of Cards

Hearts = 200m Row
Diamonds = 15 BW Squats
Spades = 5 Pull-Ups
Clubs = 10 Push-Ups

Sunday, 6/7

Open Gym: 10a – 1p @ Crown Point

Yoga: 9 am @ Crown Point