Hello, guys and girls!  We hope you all had a nice weekend and are gearing up for a fun Fourth of July weekend.  The competition for member of the month in June was very tough, as we had our list down to five or six men and women each.  This award is something we take very seriously on our end.  While there is no plaque or monetary award, nothing tangible about actually being recognized, it’s the recognition of two folks out of over 300 that we feel is special.

This award does not go to someone who simply performs impressive feats in the gym.  We judge the physical accomplishments on a relative scale, aka how much did this person improve individually relative to where they were at the beginning of the month?  The first criterion we look at are attitude, work ethic and commitment.

And the two folks who best displayed them in June were…

Marissa Dubolino!

Major June accomplishments:

  • First unassisted pull-up
  • 265# deadlift
  • 7th Place Overall: Women’s Division, P360 Olympics III
  • Continued maintenance of a 30 pound fat loss achievement



Marissa (center) with fellow P360 members, Kristen Petersen (right) and Jacquelyn Molino (left)


Marissa bas been very quietly going about her business with Performance360 for three years now, starting with us before we opened our gym location.  Marissa started training with Dave with some very serious and legitimate physical health issues in 2009.  When she first started her training, due to her various pre existing back injuries, she was unable to place a barbell across her back or pick one up from off the ground.  She was relegated to basic machine work and very light free weights on the onset of her program, while never once complaining or using her injuries as an excuse.

Fast forward to today and she is leaner, stronger and more athletic than we could have ever hoped. She is squatting, deadlifting, jumping and performing all major movements among the highest proficiency.  Marissa has been loyal to Performance360 for many years and her hard work has paid off as she has lost over 30 pounds in the process and increased her strength across all major lifts.

We are very proud and honored to provide her this award in June.

Get to Know Marissa

Where are you from and what do you do for work?   

I am from Kansas City, MO. I work for Palomar Health, managing new IT projects and maintaining the hospital’s software applications.


What are your favorite and least favorite exercise?

Favorite exercise would be squats, least favorite has now become Kneeling Get Ups.


What do you like most about the gym?

The people that make up P360 – not only is everyone motivating each other and doing impressive stuff inside the gym, they also really know how to have a good time and embrace a solid theme party.


What would current P360 Marissa say to pre P360 Marissa?

I would say a few things to that girl:

1) Put the pasta down.

2) Quit making excuses as to why you can’t.

3) No, hell has not frozen over, you are about to actually enjoy going to the gym.


Most proud achievement in the gym?

I am always excited when I hit a strength PR, but my first really awesome moment was when I hit my weight loss goal of 30 lbs. Doing that gave me the confidence to start seeing what else I could do if I worked hard enough at it.


What have you learned most since training here?

I have learned how important your diet is but that you also need to still be able to enjoy yourself without feeling guilty.


Embarrassing fact most people don’t know?

I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 21…or 22.


Hidden talent most people don’t know?

I can burp on command. (Is that a talent?)


Favorite cheat meal?



Famous person you’d most like to have a drink with, and what drink would you buy them?

Will Ferrell, and I would obviously have to welcome him to PB with a Red Bull Slushy.


What do you wish you could improve upon in the gym?

Handstand pushups (sensitive subject).


What was going through your head in the middle of your first P360 workout?

Pretty sure I blacked out, but I assume it was along the lines of “Dave Thomas is a sadist.” This still crosses my mind from time to time.

If you owned the gym for a day, what would you do?

Personal masseuse included in membership fee.

Final parting words?

I am seriously so appreciative of this, yet I’m not totally convinced I deserve this!  I got this email while inhaling a funnel cake at the baseball game and almost choked on the powdered sugar.  Is this bc I pulled your

[Dave’s] squirrel hat out of the trash last weekend at the Padres game?

Joey Zaniboni!

Major June accomplishments:

  • Goal of ten pound muscle gain reached
  • 415# deadlift
  • 265# jerk
  • 4th Overall: Male Division, P360 Olympics
  • 2nd Place: Male Strength, P360 Olympics


Joey has been quietly working very hard on some tangible goals he set for himself.  Always showing up with a smile, working extremely hard and encouraging those around him, Joey’s insanely nice demeanor should not overshadow his huge work ethic.  Recently setting a muscle growth goal for himself, Joey added ten pounds in June and saw his lifts explode in the process.

In addition, Joey placed 4th overall in a very competitive men’s division at the recent Performance360 Olympics, including a 2nd place finish in the ridiculously competitive men’s strength category.

Joey’s attitude and accomplishments make him an easy choice  for June’s male member of the month.

Get to Know Joey

Age, where are you from, what college did you attend (if any), what do you do for work?
I am 22 years old, currently a senior finance major at San Diego State University.
Favorite and least favorite exercise?
My favorite is the clean and jerk and least favorite is probably those damn overhead squats!
What do you like most about the gym?
The people and the culture, the can-do attitudes and the energy that everybody brings to every workout. And the parties!
What would current P360 Joey  say to pre P360 Joey ?
What is your most proud achievement in the gym?
Placing 2nd in the strength event at the P360 Olympics and 4th overall for the guys.
What have you learned most since training here?
The power of the basic compound lifts and the importance of a diet that is based on your fitness goals, as diet is 80% of the battle. GOMAD.
Embarrassing fact most people don’t know?
I performed ‘Everybody’ (Backstreets Back) at my 5th grade talent show with my brother and friends. And we killed it.
Hidden talent most people don’t know?
I can do the shuffle like it’s nobody’s business.
Favorite cheat meal?
Ruth’s Chris Filet marinated in butter with a side of shoestring potatoes and mud pie for dessert…awww yeaahhhh

Famous person you’d most like to have a drink with, and what drink would you buy them?
Jon Hamm in full character as Don Draper, and I’d buy him a Jameson, of course.
What do you wish you could improve upon in the gym?
Continue to build a strong core because back problems run in my family, and to improve on my squat!
What was going through your head in the middle of your first P360 workout?
This is awesome! But I’m gonna puke…Just don’t puke…yeah I’m gonna puke…No I’m not…I’m for sure gonna puke.
If you owned the gym for a day, what would you do?I would bring in a live DJ and we would all workout and party at the same time. And there would be waitresses walking around handing out free Gatorade shots…strobe lights, lasers, maybe a disco ball…still need to work out some details but I like where this is going so far.
Final parting words?
Wow, I am so pumped to get this honor! Thanks so much guys.