John is a career coach with an impressive background helping a myriad of different people. From opening his own gym in DC that is still successful, to working as a Head Trainer on CrossFit HQ’s seminar staff, to personal training, to working with seniors, to starting an adaptive training program for wounded servicemen and women, John has the ability to convey a deep amount of knowledge in a way that anyone can relate. 

Professional Education:

  • Certified Personal Trainer, NASM
  • Certified CrossFit Coach, Level 4
  • USA Weightlifting, Sport Performance Coach
  • POSE Running Technique, Level 2
  • Power Athlete Methodology, Level 1


Where are you from and what brought you to San Diego?
I’m from Washington, DC. My wife grew up in San Diego, so we moved here to be by family, friends, and the beach!

What do you hope to accomplish with your coaching?
I’m excited to get to know the Performance360 community, and to help make everyone’s time in class one of the best parts of their day.

Coaching is teaching and communication, helping our athletes enjoy being healthy and active, and motivating them to achieve more — whether that’s better movement, a longtime goal, or even just showing up to the workout sometimes. Every day is a new challenge and the chance to accomplish something different.

What should people expect with your coaching style?
Active and engaged — studying my athlete’s movement and listening to their experiences. That’s the best way for me to help them understand what’s going well, what needs more practice or patience, and why.

What are your personal philosophies with fitness and nutrition?
Move well, work hard and have fun. Quality matters! Nutrition is key to whatever we hope to accomplish in the gym, and the path to health and fitness starts with real, whole, unprocessed foods.

What local food are you crushing and what are you ordering?
Maple bacons from Rose Donuts, sometimes with peanut butter.

What’s a fun fact about yourself people would be surprised to learn?
I’m a professional baker. True story. I went to culinary school in the Bay Area for baking and pastry, and I’ve worked at bakeries in San Francisco and here in San Diego baking bread, croissants and pastries.