“Gym Seeking Coach”

With the recent opening of our third gym, the need for us to find quality teammates is stronger than ever and we are actively seeking motivated coaches and those who are aspiring.

But, here’s the rub. Coaching here is not like coaching at many other gyms.

“Pickle juice.”
“Micro bravery.”
“Social intelligence.”
“Cognitive load.”
“Establishing purpose.”
“Coaches voice.”
“Glucose fuels CNS.”
“Intensity dosing.”
“Coaching failure.”
“Why, not how.”

What do all of these have in common?

All group discussion points in our last Monthly Coach’s Lab.

We expect you to chase the craft and be eager to learn, while also bringing your perspective to our table. We expect you to be a part of our culture and be passionate about the opportunity to join a lasting and growing presence in the San Diego fitness environment, and in return, you can expect us to support you wholeheartedly, give you a voice, and provide you the structure and guidance needed to achieve your best coaching self.

Performance360 Coaching Position

The Right Ingredients

We like our coaches to be the right combination of independent thinker and team player. We like them to take the job of coaching very seriously, but not themselves. If you find yourself actively interested in seminars, certifications, and continuing education, as well as hanging out and learning with rad people, you will do great here.

The idea of walking into a full gym with a room full of people eager to learn from you should fire you up, and above all else, you must love the pursuit and reward of teaching others.

Success in 50 Words or Less

Opportunity and development are not just empty promises, here. We hunt for ways to grow our coaches, increase their role, and fulfill their basic human need of professional relevance, impact, and governance over their own destiny.

Mark Highsmith Performance360 Coach

Coach Mark: From Part Time to Full Time in 6 Months

In October, Mark applied in response to this page. 

In November, Mark attended our FCC Coach’s Weekend.

Shortly after, Mark was hired part-time. 

In April, Mark was promoted to full-time.

Mark’s killin’ it and growing with the gym.

Lenny Weiner Performance360 Coach

Coach Lenny: From Coach to Gym Owner

Lenny was hired in 2016 with no experience.

Lenny went through our FCC Coach’s Onboarding.

Lenny’s role and responsibility steadily increased.

Lenny is now co-owner of our third gym, our brand new OB facility.

Lenny fulfilled his lifelong dream.

Experience: Your Barrier to Entry No More

If you feel like you’re a great coach in the making but lack opportunity, you are precisely the kind of person we want to hear from. This isn’t to say we have a bias towards clean slates, but we don’t shy away from those who lack field experience.

We have authored our own methodology and will train all candidates on it regardless of experience level. All coaches here will go through our Fully Certified Coach’s (FCC) Program which consists of the following:

  • A complete understanding of our proprietary, 200+ page coaches workbook – Coaching technique and experience from our collective staff knowledge and experience in the formal CSCS program, OPEX CCP, USA Weightlifting, Onnit Kettlebell Academy, International Powerlifting League, StrongFit Principles of Movement, Nicole Zapoli Gymnastics, Kabuki Strength Systems, Weck Running Method, BirthFit, Precision Nutrition, Power Athlete, and more.
  • Written and verbal exam.
  • Shadowing and training.

Attendance of our upcoming June 16th FCC Coach’s Weekend will be required. If a conflict exists, we will consider deferring attendance to our Fall weekend for the right candidate.

Step Forward

Performance360 is Hiring

With three gyms organically grown in seven years in the most competitive market on the planet, we’ve planted our flag, proven it, and have no plans on slowing or watering down.

A seat is open, so if you’re ready to embark on a role with potential to evolve into a full-time career, your first step is to speak up at Coach@Perform-360.com.

Tell us everything we need to know and leave us with no confusion as to why you’re the best fit.