“Isn’t P360 Basically The Same As ______?

Spoiler: No. We are not.

We’ve been in business since 2011, and not. a. week. goes. by. where we don’t get this question in some form or another. We welcome it as an opportunity to educate both members and prospects alike about the unique benefits of training at Performance360.

We Value Organization

Us: Classes capped with precisely organized flow.

Them: Cram packed classes with no organization and safety out the window.

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Why is the standard group fitness experience to pack as many people into the room as possible? Simple: profit. More people in a class means less classes you need to run, which means less payroll. Instead, we invest significant resources into providing just the opposite. Our classes provide you with your own individual workout zone. Think spin, but instead of hopping on a bike you hop into your own squat rack. This means that the only person on your barbell is you, so you can train exactly as you need, not a mix of what your lifting partners need. Everyone in class is training together and following the workout, but our unique layout in the world of group fitness allows for unparalleled individualization and coaching attention.

Better organization allows for better coaching. A motto we hold near and dear.

We’re Chasing Your Abilities, Not Calories.

Us: Prioritize building strength and muscle with about 300 – 450 calories burned per workout.

Them: Muscle stripping workouts that “claim” to burn 600+ calories.

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You are not going to find us boasting about how many calories we get you to burn in a workout. Why? Because that approach does not work. For example, if you ran sixty minutes on the treadmill you’d probably burn one thousand calories. Great, right? No. Hell, no. Your physique, ability, and health would be much worse than when you started if you did that for six months. You’d strip your body of precious muscle by chronically elevating cortisol levels, which in turn would reduce your metabolism and store body fat. You’d be skinny fat. Your scale would tell you that you’re down five pounds but wouldn’t reveal that weight loss is largely muscle. Here, you’re going to workout for about thirty five minutes and get a well rounded, athletic workout that builds and develops a lean athletic physique. The end result is a stronger, fitter body. Not just a sweaty one.

Barbells + (Much More) Diversity

Us: Barbells as the foundation with plenty of other equipment variance.

Them: Either way too much barbell work or total avoidance of it.

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You’d really be best served to avoid the following:

1) any gym that tells you that barbells are not safe.

2) Any gym that tells you that barbells are all that you need.

The barbell is effective towards driving fat loss, building lean, athletic muscle, and progressively developing total body strength. Every time you perform one of the major barbell lifts you are training your entire body and indisputably improving your fitness. Yet, it also has limitations (mobility, accessibility, one plane) and is not appropriate to blindly throw at everyone. We use barbells about 80% of days at Performance360, and we make sure to incorporate other effective tools like kettlebells, dumbbells, gymnastics, suspension rings, medicine balls, resistance bands, cardio machines, and more.

Workouts with Purpose

Us: Structured four-week cycles with specific goals and outcomes

Them: Completely random with no greater purpose

P360 is Basically Just Like...?

Most people are floored to learn that our entire year is mapped out in the first week of January. We structure our workouts in four-week cycles that we call ‘blocks’. Each block is designed to provide you with specific training outcomes, the weekly repetition needed to stay consistent, and the variation to keep your body from plateauing.

Paths for Individualization 

Them: Everyone performing the same reps and sets.

Us: Choose the reps and sets that align with your goals.

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We want you to be able to use the workouts for your goals, not your classmate next to you. When you perform a barbell lift here, you’re always going to have two options: a higher rep option that’s more focused on building muscle, or a lower rep option that’s much heavier and more focused on strength (yes, there is a difference).

This “Reps for Goal” group training philosophy was originally created by us in 2013 and allows everyone to train together but each pursue a slightly different result from our workouts. This is how we successfully mix average Joes, Navy SEALs preparing for deployment, powerlifters training for a competition, adaptive wheelchair athletes, and first timers all in one class without even a moment’s awkwardness or disturbance.

Perfect Balance of Structure + Variety

Us: Nine signature formats each aligned with a unique goal.

Them: A single class format for every day with the same daily intensity, or, a completely new workout so often that you never get to improve any skills.

Pacific Beach Gym Best gym San Diego Gym 92109 Gym 92107 Gym 92110 Ocean Beach Gym Bay Park Gym

We have spent nearly a decade working towards the formulation of what we have ultimately whittled down into nine main signature class formats that produce the perfect balance of variety and consistency. This means that you don’t get bored and you don’t plateau.

Education Focused

Us: Teaching you why

Them: Showing you how

If you don’t care about why you’re doing something and want to stare at a digital screen all class, then it’s a safe bet you would not enjoy Performance360. It is a given that in any first rate training environment (at least it should be), you should get a thorough demonstration of how to safely execute each movement prior to starting a class. However, that is not enough. You must also be educated on why we want you focused on particular points of performance, intensity levels, and overall areas of focus. If you don’t understand why then you’ll never truly be bought into the program that you’re following, and if your program can’t tell you why it means they are just tossing random shit on the board. No bueno. When you understand why, trust develops, relationships form, and you go from anxious about the gym to excited.


We feel our program is effective for just about anyone, but we never try to be for everyone. Train here for a month and we feel that you will agree that our overall culture, training philosophy, and program to be unlike anything that you’re likely to find in the market.