Performance360 was opened by two former baseball teammates and lifelong best friends, Dave Thomas and Bryan Pritz in 2011. Opened in a tiny converted boathouse on a shoestring budget with a deep passion to change the status quo of what a group fitness experience should entail. P360 was initially a two man show — coaching all of the classes, mopping the floors, sticking flyers on cars, all with a flag planted behind the concept of flexible group programming, dynamic formats, and a welcoming environment that encouraged development over competition. 

We aligned ourselves with the everyday man or woman looking to level up in life by exploring their body’s physical ability. Almost a decade later and our story is still being written by men and women just like you. We invite you to contribute to our story. How will you Become More?


  • James R. who lost 30 pounds and reversed his pre-diabetic diagnosis.
  • Lauren F. who uses fitness to be a strong mother.
  • Ryan Ca. who trains as a U.S. Olympian.

  • Mayra T. who built her physique to earn the centerfold for Maxim Magazine.
  • Brie H. who became an American powerlifting National Champion.
  • Emily and Tyler T. who use fitness as a foundation for their marriage.
  • Bill B. who got in peak shape at 41.
  • James S. who trains as a competitive adaptive wheelchair athlete.
  • Steph R. who overcame disordered eating habits.
  • Ryan Cowho added 31 pounds of muscle.


  • Need structure and guidance to stay motivated.
  • Are tired of spinning their wheels in the gym alone.
  • Are bored or plateaued in their current gym.
  • Are burnt out in their current competitive gym.
  • Aren’t seeing results with cardio-based fitness.

  • Want to learn in an accepting environment.

  • Are current athletes who need a push.

  • Want to stay in great shape as you get older.

  • Are former athletes and miss being a part of a team.

  • Are everyday people looking to lead a stronger life.

  • Moms and dads setting healthy examples for their kids.

  • Just want to look better naked.