Performance360 Our Story

Here, our story has always been you. The unique ways our members find purpose in their fitness and the unforeseen life opportunities they use fitness to create outside of the gym.

When we opened Performance360 in 2011, we had nothing but a foolish vision. Two former college baseball teammates running an independent, unaffiliated “gym” in a converted Mission Beach boatyard, trying to challenge what a gym experience should entail. 

We planted our flag behind the concept of education, thoughtful programming, and proactively breaking down the intimidating barriers that usually prevent beginners from making life changes.

Our purpose has always aligned with the everyday man or woman looking to level up in life by exploring their body’s physical ability. When you feel better, you perform better, and you live better.

Eight years, an army of members, and four gyms later, our story is still you. 

How will you contribute to our story? How will you Become More?

Performance360 Pacific Beach Gym

We are you. We are ordinary folks setting out to do extraordinary things. We are men and women who want to become:

  • More than the calorie count on the treadmill.

  • More able bodied in life and all of the activities it offers.

  • More assertive and confident in our jobs and relationships.

  • A part of a team again, and something bigger than ourselves.

  • Stronger than we were yesterday.