When we first opened Performance360 in the Spring of 2011 it was in a small, dirty converted boathouse with no money and no clients, armed merely with an intense passion to challenge what a gym experience should be. A focus on delivering a culture that built fitness qualities up, not tore them down.

In a landscape where the clear pressure was on fitness as a means to compete, we rejected the concept that productivity had to entail a maximum intensity every time you set foot in the gym. We rejected the idea of pain equaling gain.

The result of our planted flag? We were laughed at as a joke by our competitors, for including elements of fitness that got in the way of intensity and time, like deliberate development in new members and teaching movement first. Our aim has been to purvey fitness through implements that didn’t just include barbells, and to focus on progress, not fatigue.

People took their shots. Quickly labeled us a knock off and judged us as small time. Only, one by one our members thought otherwise, and they spread the word. Armed with a dedicated coaching staff who prioritized quality coaching and personalized development above one-size-fits all, competitive workouts, fire began to catch. Mouths began to spread words.  More converts. More believers. Simply by focusing on our version of proper fitness for our members. Not sponsored athletes. Not local celebrities.

Nearly seven years later our flag remains planted and more unwavering than ever. 

Develop. Don’t destruct.

Become More. 

Join us for a trial class and embrace the smarter way.


Plant Your Flag

We were not meant to clock in and clock out everyday and call that a life of achievement.

We are men and women who want to be:

  • More than the calorie count on the treadmill.
  • More confident and assertive in our work and relationships.
  • A stronger, leaner and more athletic version of ourselves.
  • A part of a team again, and something bigger than ourselves.
  • Better than we were yesterday.

We are you. We are ordinary folks setting out to do extraordinary things.

We are men and women who want to Become More.