When we opened Performance360 in 2011, we were just two former college baseball teammates in a small converted boathouse in Mission Beach with no money and no clients, armed only with the conviction to challenge what a gym experience should be.

We were faced with two options.

Option number one was to fall in line with the functional fitness industry status quo. Become yet another overpriced gym with unsafe programming, an intimidating environment for beginners, and ultimately more about intensity and competition than purpose and progress. 

The second option was a far riskier bet. It would require that we challenge the dogma. It meant taking the time to deliberately develop new members, focus on the why so that our members would buy into the how, provide thoughtful structure rather than “random” approach, and take a view point that development is more important than destruction.

We planted our flag behind option two and have ingrained those principles into our everyday experience for the past seven years, on the road to three local gyms, a growing legion of supporters, and evolving to become one of the most sought after independent gyms in America.

We invite you to join us for a trial class and Become More.


  • More than the calorie count on the treadmill.
  • More confident and assertive in our work and relationships.
  • A stronger, leaner and more athletic version of ourselves.
  • A part of a team again, and something bigger than ourselves.
  • Better than we were yesterday.

We are you. We are ordinary folks setting out to do extraordinary things.We are men and women who want to Become More.