When we opened Performance360 in 2011, we were just two former college teammates running a locals only gym out of a spare converted boatyard in Mission Beach.

No staff, no celebrity endorsements, just four walls and some free weights, hoping to challenge what a gym experience should entail.

Performance360 Pacific Beach Gym

We planted our flag behind the concept of people over profits, everyday folks over athletes, and quality of education over amenities. 

We got laughed out of the industry lunch table, and labeled small time. Only, our members thought otherwise. One by one, we found more and more folks wanted in. 

Friends told friends. Neighbors told neighbors. That local boatyard has since grown to three gyms and a growing army of supporters, but eight years later our principles and “small time” DNA remain unchanged.

Community based fitness meant to help regular people Become More. 


Performance360 Pacific Beach Gym

We are you. We are ordinary folks setting out to do extraordinary things. We are men and women who want to become:

  • More than the calorie count on the treadmill.

  • More able bodied in life and all of the activities it offers.

  • More assertive and confident in our jobs and relationships.

  • A part of a team again, and something bigger than ourselves.

  • Stronger than we were yesterday.