Performance360 Our Story


“Honestly, we never thought there was any chance in hell we’d be here today with four gyms in San Diego. 

In 2010 I decided quit my desk job to pursue a career in fitness. It was a how-to of what not to do. I had no clients lined up and no business plan whatsoever.  I knew like 8 people in San Diego. Upon becoming certified, I did whatever I could to find clients and called my one man stand Performance360. I was never the biggest or strongest in any room, but I began to find that people liked my brand of fitness. A focus on breaking down intimidation, education, and relatability. 

I got some momentum going so I called my former college baseball teammate and good friend, Bryan Pritz. He had just retired from the Red Sox organization and was all in on the idea to open a gym together. So, in April 2011, Performance360 gym was born in an old, converted boathouse in Mission Beach barely big enough for classes. 

We opened on a shoestring budget. We did all of the build out and fabricating ourselves. We coached all of the classes, mopped the floors, stuck flyers on cars, you name it. We planted our flag kept behind our concept of thoughtful workouts, not throwing a bunch of shit on the board just to be intense, and we grew by the handful. Fast. 

We aligned ourselves with the everyday man or woman looking to level up in life by exploring their body’s physical ability. Not an environment of calorie counting. Not an environment centered upon competition. Not another “No Pain, No Gain” idiot festival.

Eight years have passed, a top flight crew of coaches and a few more members are with us, yet our story is still being written by men and women just like you.

I invite you to contribute to our story. How will you Become More?”

-Dave Thomas

We are you. We are ordinary folks setting out to do extraordinary things. We are men and women who want to become:

  • More than the calorie count on the treadmill.

  • More able bodied in life and all of the activities it offers.

  • More assertive and confident in our jobs and relationships.

  • A part of a team again, and something bigger than ourselves.

  • Stronger than we were yesterday.