We are both extremely proud and excited to introduce your new P360 Level I Certified Coaches, Robby Sparango and Raechel Campbell!


If you’ve ever had a conversation with Robby or Raechel, then surely you like them as people, a very basic requirement of anyone who trains at Performance360.  Second, they both displayed a very impressive understanding of movement, training and what individuals need to make themselves better.  In simple terms, “they get it”.  They understand the material, cues and execution.  Third, they are both extremely passionate about learning and incredibly excited to bring what they know and have learned to the coaching floor.

They have spent the better part of the last two months going through our 100 page manual on movements, studying the techniques, picking our brains during workouts, going through training and probably spending more time at Performance360 than they ever thought they would.

The end result was their acing of our three phase certification process with flying colors:

  • Phase I – Written Demonstration – 125 questions from the 100 page P360 Training Manual where they scored a 95% and 96%, respectively.
  • Phase II – Verbal Demonstration, Part I – Demonstrating understanding of movements and points of correction
  • Phase II – Verbal Demonstration, Part II


Becoming certified to train here is not a process we want rushed.  These two have been put through the ringer over the last month, asked to learn everything we do and then…be able to explain it.

Lastly, we are excited to learn from them as well, as their individual experiences and training journey have taught them much.

Raechel, going from complete beginner to strongest women ever in the gym and all of the things she has learned from that process. (Yes, believe it or not she had never done this before prior to starting at P360.)

Robby, combining his outside independent knowledge of the human body, tension and strength and applying it to his lifts.

These are two perspectives that will be new, needed and extremely valuable. Just as they are excited for their new role, so too are we to have their brains and experiences.

While they will be continuously improving on the job, these two are ready for action and we’re expecting everybody to welcome them to our staff with open arms and eagerness to see them succeed!  You will notice them shadowing classes this and next week, and ready for action by September 1!


Raechel Campbell


Position: P360 Level I Coach
Build: 5’7″, 135 lbs.
From: Findlay, Ohio
Graduated: University of Findlay, 2007
Favorite Exercise: Deadlift (305#), Box Jump (46″)
Least Favorite Exercise: Running for an extended amount of time.  I’m dry heaving just thinking about it.

I Eat: Hmm, well let’s see.  For breakfast lately, I have been on a yogurt, peanut butter, some sort of fruit, and Cheerios kick.  Or, usually eggs and bacon if I have time in the morning.  I like to snack, I snack all day errrr day, especially on nuts and I love pistachios.  I am a firm believer in eating as healthy as I can, but I will not lie and say that I am strict all the time (ahem, Taco Bell).  I eat unhealthy food more than I should, and most of my efforts and energy are channeled in my workouts at P360.
Favorite Cheat Food: Taco Bell, Funnel Cakes

Favorite Team: OKC Thunder
Embarrassing Fact: I cry at really touching moments.  For example, EVERY TIME I watch Pitch Perfect and it’s the scene where they are FINALLY giving Becca a chance at putting together some phat beats, and they choose to sing Bruno Mars, I cry EVERY TIME.
Fun Facts: I love dressing up (like costume dressing up) because I feel like I can do and say anything without offending people.


About Raechel

Well let’s see here.  I am not generally comfortable in office settings, I am no good before 11 am. I also get headaches from computers, so I cant be around them too long. I take stuff. I need someone to go up and down with me on elevators. And, I am not particularly a good listener.

20130801_192801_6186OK, seeeeriously….I moved to San Diego almost 3 years ago, away from my family and friends, and didn’t know a single person. But, one thing I pride myself on is being spontaneous. I truly believe that that is what life is all about and that you’ll never know until you try. San Diego has become home to me, and I have been very fortunate to come across such an amazing group of people at P360 to help make this home for me.  I sincerely thank you all for that.

What else can I say about myself? I love art. I love painting and drawing. I love design of any sort whether it’s fashion, interior or anything else.  As far as athletics go, I played volleyball in high school and dove my last semester of my senior year, so playing sports and working out has always brought a sense of happiness in my life that no other passion or activity ever has, which is why I couldn’t be more grateful for this amazing opportunity at P360.

My personal goal for my new role at P360 is to bring the same amount of happiness into each of your lives that you all have brought into mine!


Raechel’s Physical Accomplishments: 305# Deadlift, 190# Squat, 11 strict pull-ups, 6:01 mile sprint, 46″ box jump, Level 4 Frog Club, Level 4 Barbell Club, Level 4 Prison Yard Club, 600# Squat, Deadlift and Jerk Total, #1 Rated All Time Female (Relative Strength Total)

P360 Competitions: 

  • Gold Medal, Overall – P360 Olympics (2013)
  • Gold Medal, Women’s Division – P360 Olympics (2013)
  • 2nd Place, Women’s Division – Battle of the Sexes (2012)
  • 3rd Place Overall- Battle of the Sexes (2012)

Robby Sparango


Position: P360 Level I Coach
From: Nashua, New Hampshire
Favorite Exercise: Farmer’s Walk (470#), Turkish Get-Up (115#)
Least Favorite Exercise: Double Unders, Distance Running

I Eat: A vegan diet most of the time.   A ton of kale, veggies, nuts, seeds and fruit.  Occasionally eggs, fish and bacon will sneak in there.  I don’t eat red meat, poultry, dairy, soy, grains or gluten.
Favorite Cheat Food: Chocolate chip cookies

Favorite Team: Usain Bolt, Allen Iverson
Embarrassing Fact: I’m mega ticklish.
Fun Facts: I could dunk a tennis ball at 5’4″ my senior year in high school basketball, and ran a sub 5 minute mile.

About Robby

I’m practically from everywhere and nowhere. I’ve moved 36 times up and down both coasts and have attended  11 different schools. I’ve loved basketball and sprinting since ’88 (Jordan, Carl Lewis).
406863_10151324448117953_1651927165_nUnsurprisingly, not making the basketball team or the sprint team at 5’2 my sophomore year, I ran cross country, the mile and two mile events in track. I had never lifted a weight in my life until 2005, that October I pulled my first deadlift of 95lbs. Six months later I pulled 420lbs weighing 150lbs. Bulky muscles are not my forte.
I train in gripsport, steel bending, oldtime strongman feats and lifting as much weight as possible. By years end I’ll have attended numerous workshops and competitions learning from many of the strongest people in the country. I will acquire various certifications from Ironmind, StrongFirst and FatBastardBarbellCo very soon as well.
I love the enthusiasm strength brings to everyone as they discover it. Moments of recognition when someone realizes they can do what they once thought impossible, a revealing of their potential. There’s unparalleled value in that. Whether losing 20 lbs., landing a 36′ box jump, a deadlift PR all take strength. Being there to see it is always awesome and I am genuinely excited to be a part of everyone’s accomplishments!
Robby’s Physical Accomplishments:  At a 150 pound bodyweight, 435# deadlift, 205# jerk, 53″ box jump, 115# TGU, 470# Farmer’s Walk.  I also compete in grip sport and placed 4th in my division at the Diablo Rock Grip, 40# Blob Lift and Captain of Crush #2.