Introducing: Saturday “Game Day”

Beginning Saturday, September 23rd – Saturday classes are gettin’ a facelift. We’ve long wanted to make Saturday its own vibe within our brand, similar to how Monday through Friday all have a daily focus, complete with workout standards that we all know and love.

We’ve dabbled in community workouts here and there and never quite landed on what we feel achieves a unique energy truly worthy of “book ahead” type weekend vibe.

We’re fired up to land on “Game Day” as the new Performance360™ Saturday experience, beginning Saturday, September 23rd with the following elements:

  • Community Focused — You are welcome to bring a friend to class. Your guests will not need to register as a trial ahead of time (for now)*. Members will need to sign up as normal.
  • Athletic Movements — You’ll see some fun training elements found only on Saturdays, along with the regular tools you love and expect.
  • Big Team Energy — Many workouts will have a partner or team element of some kind. Come with a buddy, or better yet, make a new one.
  • Bigger Class Caps, Longer Workout — Larger class sizes with an extra 5′ of training time.

Overall, we’re excited to create what we hope will be a fun way for you to mix up the regular feel of our structured Monday through Friday cycles, give you an ability to bring friends to class in a “low key” type of way, and create some fun energy on the most fun day of the week: Saturday.

*Make sure to check your specific location as some locations may required registration ahead of time. HQ locations will not to start (Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, Bay Park). This will change if we feel the experience is jeopardized.