Good morning, guys.  We wanted to take a quick moment to get everyone proper information on the upcoming P360 Olympics III on Saturday, June 15th at 8 am, so that you guys know the events, how you officially register, what you need to plan for, etc.

Additionally, we want to say a few words about it as we’re hearing some things from you guys we’d like to squash up front and get your mind in the right thinking.

“Why would I do it if I can’t win it?”

This seems to be a common question a lot of folks are asking themselves and here is our answer.

  • Who says you can’t win it?  There are four very different events that each focus on something completely different.  No one is going to excel in all of them, we promise you that.  These were specifically designed to create a level playing field and remove any single advantage.


  • There is a “scaled” and a “full” division much like Challenge Days.


  • Above all of this other crap, the P360 Olympics are not about being in first place, second place, last place or being perfect, nor are these events like the ones you see on television.  They are about coming together as a collective gym and making one day out of the year a day you leave it all on the table and test yourself safely on what you’re made of mentally and physically.



We want to see some more names on that board over the next few days.  We’re off to a great start and let’s keep them coming for all levels.

To officially register, sign up online here:

Anyways, that’s our speech.

Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of it all for those participating.

What Are the Events?

We have scaled back the events from last year’s overall intensity. If you are new to the Olympics we have four events, each event will have a heat of 4 – 8 people depending on the event.

#1 — Strength: 1-Rep Max in your Deadlift and Push Press or Jerk (20 minutes).  This will be measured relative to body weight.  Your body weight will not be shared.  There will also be a bonus for highest absolute totals.  Additionally, you can perform a squat if it is a stronger or better exercise for you.

  • You will have 20 minutes to achieve each and your coaches can help you with working up to it.   Groups of 4-5.


#2 — Maintained Strength: Max Goblet Squats in 3 Minutes (3 min.)

  • This event will be a quick one.  Groups of 6.


#3 — Circuit Endurance: 5 Rounds: 10 KB Swings, 10 Box Jumps, 80m Run (~8 min)

  • Groups of 4.


#4 — Sprint Endurance: 1600m Sprint (~7 min)

  • Groups of 8.


You can certainly come and go throughout the day depending on your heat time.  You are not obligated to be at the gym the entire time.  Last year, a lot of people went to get food, etc.


How Does Scoring Work?

The Top 12 in EACH event in EACH gender will receive points towards the overall winner.

There will be a Gold, Silver and Bronze for Overall, as well as a Top 10  recognition for each gender.

How Does Scaled Work?

Events #2 and #3 will be scaled on both the box jumps and KB Swings if you cannot do the designed weight, so you won’t have to do weight that you are not capable of lifting.

Are There Prizes Like Last Year?

While the day is not about prizes, we are of course sweetening the pot 🙂

  • Gold Medal = 4 FREE P360 Months
  • Silver Medal = 2 FREE P360 Months
  • Bronze Medal = 1 Free P360 Month


The winner of each event will also receive a prize.


How Long is the Day?

This will depend entirely on total sign-ups but plan for at least 8 am – 2 pm.  Again, you’re only “working” for about 40 total minutes and you can come and go depending on heat time, but this is certainly a full and fun morning 🙂

I think that’s it for the basics, guys.

To recap, scaled for all levels, you get points for finishing Top 12, awesome prizes for placing and a once a year day to put your progress to the test.

You are not officially signed up until you register here:

Fire away with any questions, but more importantly, quit being so self conscious and sign up 🙂



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