Accountability To See It Through

“I cannot recommend it enough! Even if you think you already know how to eat well, there’s something so amazing about doing it alongside a community who is also focused on crushing their goals.” 

Performance360 Individual Nutrition Coaching

Kami O.



  • ASSESSMENT – Get to know your lifestyle successes and challenges.

  • CALL – Then, chat and game plan.

  • PLAN – After that, Ashley gets workin’ on your custom nutrition strategy.

  • SUPPORT – Throughout, she’s got your back.

Performance360 Individual Nutrition Coaching


Brigid M.
-4.7% body fat

Become More Nutrition Systems

“I now look at food and nutrition differently after completing this program and feel I got a crash course in nutritional knowledge I will forever take with me. It has definitely changed my outlook for the better and that I have learned how to apply the new knowledge to my daily life moving forward. Plus, random people at the gym have told me my arms and back look muscular and that has also been great :)”

Joe W.
-3% body fat

Become More Nutrition Systems

“I gained 6 pounds of lean muscle and dropped 3% body fat without making any other changes aside from my nutrition. At first, I didn’t see fast changes because it’s not a crash diet, but around week eight I started to see a major shift. The 3 pm crash I used to have went away. I learned a lot about nutrition, portion sizing, making sure I got enough carbs, and other habits I’ll take with me forever.”

Jordan N.
-5% body fat

Become More Nutrition Systems

“I wanted to focus on gaining muscle and not just what the scale says. After the 12 weeks, I just have such a better relationship with food in general. It’s not something that I am worried about, it’s something that I am now happy and look forward to doing.”


One-on-one nutritional coaching may be for you if:

  • You have no idea where to start learning proper, sustainable habits.
  • You want to get specific results but you can’t do it on your own.
  • You have a general understanding, but you need someone to hold you accountable.
  • You want to really see how dramatic of a change you can make with focus.
  • You’re sick of macros and you want to learn how to finally keep your ideal physique without being addicted to tracking.

No, we do not. Research has definitely proven that meal plan prescriptions do not work long term, and that the most effective way to correct chronically inconsistent nutrition is by addressing habits.

The BMNS approach progressively reshapes how you consume food, not just what you consume, giving you the knowledge and tools to make permanent change.

Yes, serious clients only. We invest significant time and resources and have learned that non-committed clients are a waste of everyone’s time.

We are not licensed Nutritionists, but we are professionally certified Nutrition Coaches. If you have a medical issue such as diabetes, cancer, or another illness you must consult with your doctor and have him or her approve of any approach we recommend.

No problem, we work with all types of eaters.

No, expect to consume the full spectrum of nutrients: protein, fat, and carbs. If you are looking for a Keto approach or other of nutrient elimination, you are not a candidate for our coaching.