InBody Scans 101

Being able to measure specific aspects of your progress is a vital part of measuring success. We are pleased to offer all members the ability to use our InBody Body Composition scanner once per month, that will show your total weight, lean body mass, body fat mass, and body fat percentage. In order to use the machine monthly as part of your membership, you will need a quick tutorial on how to use the machine first.


InBody Scans are available at our Pacific Beach, Bay Park and Ocean Beach locations only. All other services are available at all our locations.

If you have never used the InBody Composition Analyzer and would like to learn how to use the machine for ongoing self use, you may book a private session with one of our coaches below with the 15-Minute Private Body Scan Meeting ($49):

**Once you have learned to use the machine, your membership to P360 includes use of the InBody machine 1x/month on your own.


For those of you who would like a starting point to determine your ideal strategy with nutrition and training to reach your specific goals.

InBody Scan & Nutrition Guidance: 

These paid options provide an InBody Scan, an in depth review of the results as well as help and guidance towards your specific goals.


If you would like to see your baseline and set goals, Coach Ashley or Emily can help you strategize next steps and how to execute upon those.

During your 15 minute meeting, coach we’ll show you how to use the InBody machine, go over your results and discuss your goals.

Register below to book your private scan.


If you would like to discuss your baseline readings and set specific goals, we can help you strategize next steps and how to execute upon those.

To schedule a 30-minute phone consultation, register below.


These 60-Minute consultations include help, support, guidance and execution of actionable steps specific to your goals. If you would like more specific guidance to follow, we can provide a 6-8 Week Nutrition Guide, or help on implementing your own plan. Ashley or Emily will go over how to get started as well as how to execute it on your own.

To schedule a 60-minute phone or in-person consultation, register below.

Custom Pricing

The bi-weekly check-ins are perfect for those who need accountability, a professional nutrition coach to bounce ideas off of, or provide guidance on executing a proper nutrition plan. Coach Ashley or Emily will provide (2) 30-minute phone calls per month making sure you are executing the proper nutrition plan and holding you accountable. This can be customized to your needs and pricing will be based on what level of support/help is needed.

To schedule a an initial consultation for the Bi-Weekly Check-In Plan, register below.



If you have been trained on how to use the machine and want to scan on your own 1x per month for free, you can do so at any location, any time the gym is open for class while following these rules:

1. Always scan before class and it must be a class you are attending. You may NOT show up to scan if you are not registered for a class.

2. Do not ask the Coach for help (unless the machine is off). You must have knowledge of how to use the machine. You will be denied help if you ask for it, as the Coach has teaching responsibilities. 


This is what you will always use to log into the machine. Using this ID will link up your scans every time you do one! Make sure to pay attention to capitalization and spacing.

Body Fat Mass
The total amount of body fat you have, in pounds. Excess body fat can increase your risk for certain disease progression and limit your functionality while too little body fat can also have negative outcomes as well.

Skeletal Muscle Mass
We will use this as our measurement for muscle. Typically you will want to see this number stay the same or increase.

Total Weight
This is your total body weight as you would see it on a scale.

PBF (Percent Body Fat)
This is a category of health. It can be used similarly to BMI. It is influenced by your muscle and body fat mass.

Body Composition History
If you are logging in with your username each time, you will see a history of your body composition that will always show your last eight scans, so you can track how your progress peaks and valleys.


How does the scan work?
Our InBody devices use a method called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to measure body composition, which divides your weight into different components, such as Lean Body Mass and Fat Mass, to assess health and help guide interventions.

However, unlike other body composition analyzers, we do not use empirical estimations such as age, gender, ethnicity, athleticism, or body shape.

How accurate is the scan?
InBody ‘s four pillars of technology to provide clients with accurate and precise direct segmental measurement multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (DSM-MFBIA) results that have been extensively validated to gold-standard methods.

Keep in mind that as a scanning machine, it will not be as accurate as a hydrostatic test, but it will give you a very accurate baseline and repeat analysis. Keeping the conditions of your scans the same, you’ll be able to track measurable and meaningful progress.

What are “good numbers?”
While it can be relative to your body type since we are all genetically predisposed for various weight tendencies, here are some very general established health parameters:


  • Under 10% –> Very Lean
  • 10% – 15% –> Lean, Great Shape!
  • 15 – 20% –> Above Average, Good Shape!
  • 20 – 25% –> Average
  • 25 – 29% –> Slightly Overweight, Little Out of Shape
  • 30%+ –> Overweight, Out of Shape


  • Under 15% –> Very Lean
  • 15 – 20% –> Lean, Great Shape!
  • 20 – 25% –> Above Average, Good Shape!
  • 25 – 29% –> Average
  • 25 – 29% –> Slightly Overweight, Little Out of Shape
  • 35% –> Overweight, Out of Shape

How do I get my body fat down and my lean muscle mass up?
We recommend that you check our our library of free nutrition resources: Blog

You can schedule a meeting with coach Ashley above and she will help you implement a nutrition plan that’s right for you and your goals.

Should I care about my BMI?
In this context, we will not be putting significance into your BMI reading. Your body fat percentage is the most relevant number.

What is a reasonable goal?
Losing 2-5 pounds of fat per month or gaining 2-5 pounds of muscle per month are both reasonable expectations with a proper, sustainable diet and frequent outcomes with our Nutrition Coaching Programs


If you are looking to set some goals and reach them, and are willing to listen to a Coach and adhere to some habit changes, then you are a candidate for our Nutrition Coaching Programs or schedule an individual consultation above.