Hello, P360 Family.

We want to take a quick minute to express our thanks and inform you of some major improvements taking place in January.

It’s been an amazing year with you guys filled with a ton of effort and positivity.

This industry is competitive.  In San Diego, it’s among the most competitive of anywhere in the country with more gyms per capita along the San Diego coast than any other coast in the country.

In a world of options, we want to take a minute of focus and sincerely thank you for calling us home to your fitness life.  Most of you don’t know how the fitness industry works, nor should you care.  You’re here to train.  But to understand our true appreciation for each of you, you must first get the competitive nature of this business.

To be an independent gym is not like any other venture.  To not have the marketing budget of the larger 24 Hour gyms, to by choice not put that famous “Fit” at the end of our name and align with a hugely successful population and brand, to not be on a busy, exposed strip of real estate. These have all cast us as a misfit, a bit of an outsider that relies solely on itself as the engine for survival.  These are challenges we knew we were walking into and were excited to meed head on.  To be the underdog, to have a style of training unique to just one location and see if we could shake this industry up a bit.

Well, in 2013, the table rocked.  Just a tiny bit.

Performance360 experienced a lot of growth in the past year. With that, comes the challenge of adaptation, keeping away competitors and above all, always ensuring we keep this place yours, and not ours.

The one question that keeps Pritz and I awake at night is, “how can we improve?”.  The last place we want to be is the place that becomes satisfied with a small amount of success and remains comfortable in the status quo.

That’s not going to be us.  While we will never please everybody, we will always do what we believe is right and have a genuine, personal desire to always ensure that P360 is running at as close to 100% effectiveness for our members as we can get it.

With that, we are very excited to announce a few improvements.

1 Hour Class Slots: 1/6

This one has been gnawing at us for a few months now.  The 45 minute class slots have been great and they have allowed us to have a very flexible schedule for your guys, but the gym rat in me has not been satisfied with the rushed start and finish, and quick turnover of the classes.

Now, this does not mean the workouts will be one hour long :)

It simply means we have a few more minutes for teaching.  A few more minutes to be able to hang with you guys after and answer questions rather than rushing a clean up for the next class.  To show you movements you may have wanted to learn.  To warm up better.  To wake up longer and not be freezing in the morning.  Cool down better.  To better discuss and help you with your goals.  It means a lot more diversity in the types of workouts.  Improved programming.  More time leads to better coaching and attention.

You will begin to see some newer movements, new workout formats and positive additions to the class where we previously did not have time to include.

So, starting this Monday, January 6th we will be moving to the following schedule:

  • 6 am
  • 7 am 
  • 8 am
  • 11 am
  • 12 pm
  • 4 pm
  • 5 pm 
  • 6 pm
  • 7 pm


In the evening, to ensure a class runs every half hour, the Outdoor Challenge schedule will remain the same.  When the 6:30 pm returns with added daylight, we will have the 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30 pm classes to continue to provide you guys flexibility.

While I am sure some will love this and some will need to adjust to a new routine, I promise you we would not make a change like this if we were not certain it would improve the way we do things, and help reach the goal that sits atop the list: improve our level of fitness.

And, like anything we do, if people don’t like it we can always go back :)


We are pleased to announce that we recently paid off our business loan in full after 30 months of check writing.  Now, as we have always said when something good happens to us, it happens to all of us and how appropriate that it comes in time for Santa to deliver a belated sleigh full of fun to the gym.

With some extra cash on hand, rather than pocketing the income, we will be placing our largest order of equipment since we opened back in April 2011.   Included in this list will be:

  • 5 more Concept2 Rowers — We are extremely excited about this.  I don’t know about you guys, but I am damn tired of 80 – 500m runs day after day.  This will provide a nice compliment a needed element to our training. 
  • More Dumbbells — We will be adding to the 15 – 30# DBs to hopefully eliminate shortages.
  • Heavier Kettlebells
  • More Sleds — Another element we are excited about.  The single sled gets used with our athletes and with Open gym a fair amount, but with more inventory we are excited to bring this to classes.
  • Restocking the 100′ conditioning ropes  — More fun with the battling ropes will be coming back.
  • Climbing rope — For the center of the gym.  This will primarily be an open gym tool, or something we can show you after class now that we will have more time to do so.
  • Fleet of fresh Rx Jump Ropes 
  • More pull-up hardware that will mount to the side wall out back  — More space, more pull-ups.  Stronger upper bodies.
  • More diverse slam balls
  • More mobility equipment
  • And, we are working with Julianne to hopefully get some yoga equipment to take our mobility game to the next level in 2014.


So, the end result of all this will be more toys, and more time to play with them.

These are just two of the big additions and improvements of many that will be occurring throughout 2014.

We have an open door policy.  If you have questions, ask us.  If you have concerns, tell us.  If you have suggestions, offer them.  Personally, I will always deal straight with you and so will everyone on our team.

As owners, we might have turned over some of our large coaching load to our amazing staff, but we are more involved in the direction and training of P360 than ever.

We are unbelievably excited for 2014 and the improvements we have planned.  Our staff continues to read, learn and attend seminars.   Complacency is not something you can ever expect from this gym and the start of 2014 will be no exception.

Without your loyalty and support, this community does not exist and know we are appreciative of every individual who trains and coaches with us.

Thank you for continuing to support our crazy little venture out on the point.

Happy training,

Dave & Pritz,
Proud owners