How We Utilize an Innocent Little “X” for Training Clusters

Throughout our year end “Day Olds” de-load cycle and many other Performance360 workouts, you might notice “x” popping up here and there across STRENGTH days.

What is “x?”

It is simply an indication to set the weight down, rest a few seconds, and resume. So, in something like a 4x4x4 kettlebell swing performed heavy, this fractional amount of rest allows us to re-charge just enough to continue explosively, but not so long that it doesn’t create overload.

These are called ‘clusters’, and they are one of our favorite program design techniques to train heavier strength building loads at slightly higher reps. This allows us to complete 12 reps at loads we otherwise may not be able to maintain the requisite speed and technique required for the movement to be effective.

Here is @p360_pacificbeach Coach Ashley taking the 62# bell for a 4x4x4.