P360 Podcast Episode #10 – How to Do More Pull-Ups

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This week on The P360 Podcast we get specific with our discussion and talk all about how to do more pull-ups including both the mental and physical requirements to increase your pull-up total or do your first reps.


  1. How coach Julianne was able to go from not being able to do a single pull-up to now being able to complete 13 strict pull-ups.
  2. Why most people struggle with pull-ups
  3. Pull-Up Technique – Where the focus should be from initial set-up through execution
  4. Mental side of pull-ups and why women have such a mental roadblock to completing them
  5. Prescriptions for improvement on pull-up quality and quantity
  6. Strict vs. Kipping – Which is better?
  7. Realistic timeline for completing your first pull-up rep
  8. What to focus on in order to get your first pull-up
  9. Advice for those who are a great distance from completing their first rep and how to slowly chip-away at that goal.

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