How Does Performance360™ Program Design Work?

As you likely know, we believe in structure and weekly progression at Performance360. We narrow in on a particular daily focus for four weeks, and we aim to get you significantly better and stronger at that focus by the time the 4-week cycle is concluded.

As a refresher, all of our cycles follow the same weekly format.

MON: Strength
TUES: Conditioning
WED: Strength
THURS: Conditioning
FRI: Build

STRENGTH is a focus on getting you stronger, typically in a two-part workout with barbells at the foundation (except for our one de-load cycle). CONDITIONING is usually higher intensity focused workouts where the focus is one of three types:

  • Anaerobic – shortest, highest intensity
  • Hybrid – moderate length, moderate intensity
  • Aerobic – longest, “lowest” intensity

Friday BUILD is all about creating new muscle with higher volume, bodybuilding style lifts.

For 2023, we have six 4-week cycles completed twice per year, with a year-end de-load cycle acting as the seventh training cycle.

A – “Slumber Party”
MON: Back Squat
TUES: Hybrid (Core Stability)
WED: Pull-Ups
THUR: Anaerobic (Plyometrics)
FRI: Single Leg

B – “Padlock”
MON: Deadlift
TUES: Aerobic (Relative Strength)
WED: DB Upper Body
THUR: Anaerobic (Time Under Tension)
FRI: Front Squat

C – “Kids Camp”
MON: Goblet Squat
TUES: Anaerobic (Core Endurance)
WED: Power Cleans
THUR: Hybrid (Unilateral)
FRI: Bench Press

D – “3 Degrees”
MON: Kettlebell Swing
TUES: Aerobic (Erg Rowing)
WED: Push Press
THUR: Anaerobic (Power Endurance)
FRI: Back Squat

E – “Sneak Joint”
MON: Front Squat
TUES: Anaerobic (Explosive Strength)
WED: Hang Cleans
THUR: Aerobic (Muscle Endurance)
FRI: Deadlift 

F – “Dawn Patrol”
MON: Single Leg
TUES: Anaerobic (Isometrics)
WED: Bench Press
THUR: Hybrid (Ring Stability)
FRI: Hip Thrusts

This is not to say that you will only perform pull-ups during “Slumber Party”. It’s simply that the pull-up gets the spotlight at that time, and is still trained regularly but without the same kind of focus and consistency across the rest of the year.

Our goal is balance across unilateral and bilateral movements, explosive strength typically paired with absolute strength in a cycle, planning the training around the barbell but not exclusively relying on it, respecting the benefits of relative strength, and not so much bending at the hips that you leave your low back prone to overuse (i.e. ensuring that we have lunges, thrusts, step ups, etc. to balance out deadlifts and rows)

Everything is planned out for you one year in advance, there is never any winging it, making it up as we go, or deviating from the plan of providing you a holistic ability-based program that gets you stronger and leaner.

If you’re looking to specialize – you will not find it here. Remember, it’s Performance360.

When a new year starts, we zoom out and see what kind of updates we want to make to the focus of each cycle, meaning every two years or so those get updated and changed.

The end result is a program that is focused and structured, yet by its nature is always constantly evolving and updated.