“How Can I Tell If My Workout Was Effective?”

We are unapologetic outspoken critics of the “calories burned” approach to measure the effectiveness of a workout. So, what are some better questions to ask:

✅Did you increase the weight you lifted from the start of the workout to the end?
❌Aimlessly using the same easy weight the entire workout because you can go faster.

✅Do you feel like your quality of movement improved?
❌Mindlessly performing reps without being attentive to how you’re moving.

✅Do you feel a post workout “pump” in the working muscles?
❌No physiological stress anywhere.

✅Did you feel challenged or slightly uncomfortable?
❌Comfy, cozy, can hold a conversation at any point.

The more you put a ✅ to these questions, the more productive your workouts will be.