WHY P360?

 What Can You Expect?

Are you new to this? We LOVE to teach the basic to folks who are hungry to learn. Our PHASE 1 program is dedicated entirely towards your safety and development. 

Are you an experienced lifter? Our staff is comprised of former professional, college athletes, and nationals athletes. High-level competitors and non-dogmatic coaches who can help any athlete reach the pinnacle of their performance.

We integrate, not segregate. At Performance360, wherever you fall on the ability spectrum, you can expect a community comprising every age, shape, and ability united towards the common goal of self-improvement. We take pride in being a gym where everyone is in it together, no one thinking they are better than the person next to them. 

Everything is scaled and applied to you in the way that best helps you reach your goals safely.

We don’t keep you with contracts. We keep you with results.

For these reasons, 97% of our members choose to renew their memberships each month, for the last seven and a half years.

Our mixed modal classes combine facets of free weights, Olympic weightlifting, kettlebells, powerlifting, rowing, sandbags, rope pulls, running, gymnastics and bodybuilding in a structured, well rounded format to keep you constantly advancing forward. 

The P360 Family

Our community is made up of ordinary people trying to build their extraordinary self, such as:

  • Brittany O. who dropped 8% body fat and got strong in the Olympic lifts.
  • Jorge V. who lost 21 pounds and reduced his diabetic insulin requirements.
  • Maria A. who qualified for the Boston Marathon.
  • Beck W. who trains for his pro baseball seasons for the New York Mets.
  • Kevin M. who lost 52 pounds.
  • Mayra T. who sculpted her bikini body to earn the centerfold for Maxim Magazine.
  • Brenna B. who qualified for Powerlifting USA Nationals.
  • Steph R. who used strength training to overcame her eating disorder mentality.
  • Joe W. who got in better shape than when he was an NCAA athlete.

We are for all walks of life and starting levels who are serious about getting results and giving their best effort.