Community is our heartbeat here. We are an extremely mixed culture of all shapes, sizes and abilities who are united by the common principles of non-judgemental, welcoming hard work and the ongoing goal towards our self-improvement.

We do not crave Alpha status like the Type A. Nor do we remain passive and let others pass us by like the Type B.

We are Type P.

The relentless approach of the Type A with the humble resolve of Type B.

We push hard for self improvement, not outside validation.

We are humble personalities, yet relentlessly hard workers.

We are soft spoken, yet insistent upon improvement.

We are welcoming of all shapes and sizes, yet ruthless in our efforts to become strong and fit.

And we like to have fun in the process.

Here are some of our past community events.

  • “Iron Bill” Fundraiser —  for injured firefighter, Captain Bill Dowling. The P360 community raised $5,000 for Iron Bill and his family.
  • Superheroes for Mason — raising $9,000 for little Mason Moore, the son of a local firefighter who is battling cerebral palsy.
  • P360 Olympics — Our annual internal fitness competition.
  • Sunset Charity Happy Hours — cocktails and fundraising to various great causes.
  • Potluck Live Music Nights Healthy dinners at the gym featuring talented live musicians from our community.
  • Surfing and Hiking — We live in the greatest outdoor city in the country and our members enjoy it together frequently.
  • Cabins in Big Bear — skiing, bonfires and good times on the mountain.

  If you struggle to find a place to call home, we invite you into ours.