We are group fitness that treats you like an individual.

We get to know your goals, learn how your body moves, and continuously coach you so that the workout can support your goals.

Backed by more collective staff education than any gym in San Diego, rest assured you will join a team that is as committed to your safety, development, and goals as much you are.

Performance360 Ocean Beach Gym


In 2011, Dave had a vision to challenge the status quo of what a functional fitness gym experience should entail. That fitness should be about development, not destruction. Inclusive, not divisive. That it should be more progressive than just a single, one-size-fits all option. A college teammate of co-founder Bryan and friend of over eighteen years, Dave’s philosophies on programming, coaching, and culture have laid the foundation for Performance360 to become what is today, and where it’s going.

Having trained under the Boston Red Sox strength and conditioning program as a former professional athlete for seven years, Bryan has experienced both the highest levels of professional programming and seen its pitfalls. In charge of our membership’s experience, Bryan’s behind the scenes nature plays an invaluable role to keeping Performance360 successful. Together, he and Dave tackle different ends of the fitness experience and as a team have guided it into what it is today.