As an independent gym, knowledge acquisition and continuing education is not a punchline to us, it is vital to our survival.

But more importantly, we all started out as you. Someone sizing up this gym trying to decide if it was worth it. We became members, part of the community fabric, and saw such amazing personal transformations that we decided to help others do the same.

All of us from different backgrounds, but collectively united by the same WHY:

To help you Become More. 

#BecomeMore Growth

The Performance360 Coach Academy

A pre-requisite for all Coaches at Performance360, and a highly valuable game changer for Coaches at outside gyms, the Coach Academy weekend is a concentrated 2-day learning experience where we teach our sought after philosophies on effective coaching, communication, and leadership.

With attendees that include CrossFit, S&C, sport performance, and functional fitness coaches, the P360 Coach Academy has welcomed coaches from all over the world.

NEXT ACADEMY: 11.10 – 11.11 in San Diego, CA


Performance360 Coaching Positions

How to Become a P360 Coach

If you’d like to be considered as a coach for Performance360, we have a few pre-requisities.

  • Step 1: Attend 2-Day P360 Coach’s Academy.

  • Step 2: Complete 20 hours as an Assistant Coach.

  • Step 3: Passing grade of a three-part comprehensive written, verbal, and tactile exams to earn your P360 Fully Certified Coach (FCC) Level 1.

  • Ongoing: Commit to attending our first Sunday of the month team developmental Coach’s Lab.

The end product is a coach that is highly trained, knowledgeable across many disciplines, and is set up for long term coaching longevity in their chosen path.



Assistant coaches help out the main coach on the floor at popular class times.

Adam Campbell

Adam Campbell Performance360 Assistant Coach

Rickie Wickland

Rickie Wickland Assistant Coach Performance360

Nick Poston

Nicholas Poston Performance360 Assistant Coach