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#26: Chad Wesley Smith – Building an Online Training Business

#26: Chad Wesley Smith – Building an Online Training Business

This week on The Business of Lifting Weights, we sit down at Juggernaut Training Systems headquarters with owner and founder Chad Wesley Smith to discuss their organic growth as an online training business.


  1. Chad’s background and how he started Juggernaut Training Systems.
  2. Why authenticity is so important.
  3. Content creation – how to grow an online following.
  4. Why having “The Secret” usually means attention seeking and inauthenticity to readers.
  5. Progressions of content – Why reaching specific audiences with different content is critical.
  6. What type of content produces higher viewership.
  7. Why video content is a powerful tool.
  8. Why talking and reaching out to people is so important.
  9. What Chad would have done differently if he had to do it all over again.
  10. Why you don’t need a perfect strategy when starting out to be successful. Learn as you go.
  11. Why answering the question “How can we help ______” will produce success.
  12. Get to know Chad with our “Final 4” personal questions.


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#23: Christmas Abbott – Inside the Gym

#23: Christmas Abbott – Inside the Gym

This week on The Business of Lifting Weights we sit down with one of the leading female fitness personalities, Christmas Abbott, to discuss gym ownership and creating a successful personal brand.

She let us in behind the curtain to her infrastructure and processes at both CrossFit Invoke and her personal brand, and we covered in a lot in one hour.

Some highlights include:

-What traits learned in Iraq make you successful today?
-What’s the best decision you ever made?
-What’s a decision you regret?
-How do you build a truly elite coaching staff?
-What is the DNA of your gym, and why?
-What can gym owners do to go from “paying the rent” to “making money”?
-What is your “3 step” rule?
-How do you build real community?
-Will you keep “CrossFit” in your name?
-What are your predictions for the market as fitness evolves?
-How do you approach your handling of your “elite” gym population?
-Do you like mixers in your cocktails?
-What person would you buy a drink and what would you buy them?
-Donuts or cupcakes?
-Who is someone in fitness you admire but doesn’t know it?

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This Week’s Training 11/11 – 11/17

This Week 


–The return of our 50/50 promo is here! All new members get 50% off their first month when they join in November, and all current members get 50% off their next month when they refer someone.

Just text or email this link to your friends and family:


–Feel like you’re doing all the right things but you can’t seem to lose those stubborn pounds?


–Thanksgiving Potluck (ALL GYMS): This Friday we’ll have our 7th annual Friendsgiving Potluck at Crown Point Gym, open to ALL members and their guests. Bring a dish to share and whatever you want to drink. (Just make sure you’re responsible for removing anything you bring.)

–P360 Holiday Party (ALL GYMS): We have already sold over 75 tickets! Tickets for the P360 Holiday Party, aka “Prom”, are now on sale! Friday, December 6th at the Sunset Room at Marina Village. Panoramic bay views, open bar, DJ, dance floor, private venue, and photo booth to name a few perks.

Tickets: $60 per person
Venmo: @Bryan-Pritz
Paypal: Bryan@Perform-360.com


“Winter is Coming”

BLOCK 8, WEEK 3/6:

Monday Jerks
Tuesday – Varied
Wednesday – Front Squats
Thursday – Varied

Friday – Varied


Performance360 Pacific Beach Best Gym



Push Press/Jerk
DB Pull Through
Double KB Row
100m Run

400m Row

30 MB Slams
30 Supine Row
30 Butterfly Sit-Ups
30 Push-Ups

500m Run
(35 Minute Cap)



First. Welcome to Gainzville
Back Squat
1×15 @60%
2×9 @70%
2×7 @75%
*Pair With: 30″ Hollow Ring Plank

Then. The 5’ Quad Challenge
50 Front Squats @BW
**PROG: @80% BW
    4 on a rack = 20’
    3 on a rack = 15’
    2 on a rack = 10’


3 Hell Trots

For 14’
6 Rev Lunge Rope Waves
80m Run
6 MB Slams
80m Run
6 DB Snatch
80m Run

Then, Complete w/ a Partner
A1: 200m Sprint
A2: 80m Farmer Walk
B: Rest
(x4 Rounds)