Daily Challenge

Who is it for: All Levels, Scaled to Need

Goals: Fat Loss, Strength, Athleticism, Stamina

Workouts: Multi-purpose, always varied movements using barbells, kettlebells, plyometrics, endurance, gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and more.

What some folks might more commonly refer to as a “WOD”, we call our Daily Challenge.

A bit less time-focused and more about individual goal and development than a typical WOD, the daily challenge is the cornerstone workout at P360 and what 90% of our members perform every day.

The name is based upon the simple fact that every time you arrive at P360, you are purposefully challenged at a particular skill set such as fat loss, conditioning, strength, endurance or athletic skill.

Classes begin with our “walk through”, with everyone huddled around the whiteboard and a coach briefly demonstrating the movements.

Each workout contains modifications for beginners and advanced.

If you are new to a movement, the coach will work with you individually to teach you proper form and ensure a productive workout based on your level. Never will you simply be tossed into a workout to your own devices.

The coaching you will receive will be based on your strengths, weaknesses and areas of focus.

If you are a proficient athlete, you will perform the highest progression of the movements listed, and if you are a beginner, you will start with just a barbell or even just body weight until the movement is learned.

This is an energetic class with music turned up, a coach working with the group and everyone precisely targeting their level of fitness.

Now, let’s get you started on that path to success!